Left 4 dead 2 Free!

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Champ4now, Dec 25, 2013.

  1. All hail Lord Gaben for he has blessed us the Christmas morning with a sale on left 4 dead 2, 100% off! (for anyone who doesn't already have the game) It likely will only last for today so go get your free Christmas game, its practically Christmas itself totally not filled with blood, death, and destruction! (However a million other people have found this out too and steam is kinda DEAD)
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  2. You are right. When I would get a present like that, I would really feel hurt
  3. even though I already have the game I'm still waiting for the steam store to come back so I can vote on the flash sales :/
  4. I need it to come up so I can get it before it goes! :/
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  5. speaking of L4D2, anyone up for a match? ;)
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  6. Same, L4D2 has been on my wishlist for months
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  7. I want it too, and now that it is free, I cant get on to get it! Hopefully they extend how long it is free for or something..
  8. not only are steam's servers choking but so are alot of L4D2 servers :/
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  9. This was me when I saw this and went to Steam...

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  10. Makes sense, if they're all Valve
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  11. Can anyone get on steam atm? or is it just me?
  12. I cannot D:
  13. when over a million steam users see a free game they go crazy :p
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  14. lol oh damn
  15. It's a Christmas miracle! after 2 hours I finally got it to start downloading!
    EDIT: Now to wait 10 hours for it to download...
  16. I still haven't managed it past the error page.
  17. Steam is alive!!!!
  18. It works :D
  19. Steam servers are basically doing this now.

  20. Even though i have L4D2 on xbox, i'll get this anyway.