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  1. So today, I watched leroy Jenkins. It was awesome. Then I played TF2. Also awesome. Then I put the two together and it turned out funnily... To sum it up, post helpful tips for me with TF2 or funny experiences with it!
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  2. If you play on PC, DON'T open console and type unbindall as many trolls will tell you. It basically unbinds all your keys and makes you unable to do stuff.

    I usually play Demoman and just spam grenades and listen to people rage. :)
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  3. I played with the soldier and ran around with my rockets blowing everyone up.
  4. I always get stuck with the team that spams the Medic button, no medic, a crapton of snipers, and soldiers who can't rocket jump and kill themselves repeatedly.
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  5. Some Good TF2 Combos

    Scorch Shot

    Any Revolver
    Any Sapper
    Dead Ringer

    Also, Don't type exec lab, bind w explode, or quit smoking in the console.
  6. i have a soldier's stash bonk helm and buttload of hats :p
  7. and don't forget my stranges and botkillers :)
  8. tip: if your team has no medic but has 4 snipers... go to the other team lol (I wish I had premium TF2 :( )
  9. I think the OP wants tips, not for you to brag about your hats and weapons.

    These are my tips.

    1. Stock weapons are good for EVERY situation

    2. Sandman and Flying Guillotine combo is DEVASTATING if you can aim.

    3. If your a Pyro, for the love of Gaben, USE. YOUR. AIRBLAST. It can put out burning team mates.
  10. Lol ok I don't have t but I might get it
  11. heh. A few days ago, I was playing, and I was on fire, I ran by a Pyro who didn't do crap about it, and he wasn't in battle, so I thought "Oh, sure, you definitely have 10 other things you could be doing..."
  12. Don't play TF2 much, all I can tell you is to be a Medic (no team needs 9 snipers) and if you're in a good mood, be a Heavy, because awesome.
  13. I just started today and i SUCK D:
    I can''t kill ANYONE
  14. I just stick to Demoman and spam grenades because 1. It makes people mad. 2. It fits with my team's playing. I manage to kill people sometimes.
  15. I try to be a spy, but for some reason people see through my costume and kill me D:
    Everytime i'm a sniper i get sniped
    When i'm a heavy i get boxed in my many soliders
    and it goes on and on and on D: