[Leaving] I Now What You Will Say But i am leaving for sure

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by finsup2010, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. Thats right i am leaving emc i think that i have nothing to do. I was going to start a huge project but that didn't entertain me so I decided to quit. I am like Robot_chicken_66 i toatly agree with him i will maybe come on once a month but other than that i quit.
  2. Auf Wiedersehen.
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  3. 再見
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  4. Ego vobis valedico
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  5. Adios.
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  6. afscheid
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  8. 你好
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  9. Hasta La vista Amigo.
    Not that I ever knew you like, but if you like Monster Energy then I have to call you my friend. It's an amazing drink :p
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  10. Goodbye, you will be missed.
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  11. ??? WHY? Can I please take the diamond blocks from your front steps? Ill miss you
  12. See Ya - Feel free to come back at any time
  13. Bye. ($50 dollars that he'll come back after less than a month.)
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  14. Ами довиждане не говоря за вас, но ох добре
  15. Vale.
  16. You will be sorely missed. Everyone is crying at home right now.
    Also is it just me or do you find it amusing people make leaving threads when they only played for four months..... :3 I would understand if people know you and you were an old member... but it seems these days people just do it for attention then secretly come back in 3-5 months..... or I may be totally wrong. Oh well.
    À plus tard.
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