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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Huckleberry24, Apr 17, 2015.

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  1. Hello everyone,
    Yes, as the title reads, it is time for me to announce my departure from EMC.
    I AM BACK!
    I have had an extremely fun time over the past year, I've joined outposts, built stuff like crazy, held a giveaway, made bases with friends in the frontier and even built a mall.

    Why are you leaving Huckle?
    I am leaving because I feel I have nothing else to do. I'm getting bored, and am losing interest all together. Also mainly because WindyLava (SSRC) doesn't play as often, and I was looking forward to taking up my role as the Head of The SSRC SMP8 Division. High_Jacker, my cousin and best friend, doesn't play anymore, so it's not as fun as it was.

    Are you leaving the forums too?
    No. I will still be actively browsing the forums on a regular basis. I quite like checking up on the during the day, so if you wanna chat just PM me on here, I will answer :).

    What about your residences?
    I will continue to vote/log on to prevent them from going derelict. My mall had - move flag for everyone, now that I have left everyone can access it, to see what I had been working on.

    I would sincerely like to thank the EMC staff and community for making it an enjoyable time.
    Particuallry I would like to thank the following players/people who made it extra special.
    8pecx, ChrisFlareon, Windylava(SSRCcorp), ruari342, meerkatman1, beardude123, Ultimamaxx, High_Jacker, Kaizimir, Olaf_c, Claremuss, wkramer79, Mrgraywolf.
    (If you're name wasn't mentioned, and you think you should of been, sorry, I'm having a mind blank :p).
    Also a mega thanks to the following staff:
    Krysyyjane9191, blackknight1021, Highlancer54, Aphaea.

    It's a really great server, shoutout to Aikar for the hard work he puts in.
    I've had some great times, so to finish this off I would just like to say thankyou EMC.
    And I will be back..... ;)
  2. Hate to see you go :oops: Glad to see you will be back though!
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  3. Bump!- Only bumping so people will see it.
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  4. Goodbye. It's always sad to see a member go. :( But if I may make a suggestion - make parkour courses. Whenever I feel bored, I make one. :)
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  5. Goodbye. I hope everyone on emc WILL see you again sometime.
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  6. Awwww. We never got to meet but I'll miss you like any other EMC member I have met! May the odds be ever in your favor while you are away! ;)
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  7. :( I'll miss your presence at the base (your still welcome anytime)
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  8. :( I'm sorry to see you go.
    But it is unfair to keep your residence forever not derelict as you said you will probably never come back online.
  9. I'm glad to hear you're planning to still browse the forums every now and then!
    What? Why? It's his residence, as long as he keeps voting, he has the full right to keep it. Besides, everyone can visit it and enjoy his works.
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  10. Not to mention the fact that if you read the full post, at the bottom he explicitly states that he will be back. :)
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  11. Mate, i will miss you.
    Them times of us and 8pecx were the best.
    Farewell ;)
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  12. Farewell my friend and time to sing the leavers service song that the class older than us sang when they were leaving to high school... dunno why i just.. yea

    ``Goodbye my friend, it's not the end
    How could it be when we've got,
    such memor-''



    To be serious, even if we didn't talk much, we're all going to miss you! :(
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  13. Have fun in your future endeavours!
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  14. Good news everyone!
    I am back!
    Yes I know I didn't really leave.
    But I couldn't handle life without EMC, who can?
    I hope to see you all around soon :)
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  15. I am sorry, I know this is rather hypocritical since I have a history of being an unstable wreck who has "left" EMC several times, but 6 days?

    I respect you as a friend, as a person, but events like my own and this make me understand why "I'm leaving" threads were banned.
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  16. What are you trying to say?
  17. Sorry. I hope I am not coming off rude here.

    Like I said in my main post, I have tried to leave several times, sometimes I am gone for a few weeks or months, but I do admit I come back, and I feel bad about it, but I feel like there is a serious issue with people saying they are leaving, then come back. Community members "leaving" causes distress within the community, and then suddenly coming back also causes issues. I am part of the problem, but I see why "I am leaving" threads were banned. I feel like terms should be limited to "I am taking a break", and even then, used in moderation.

    I respect you, and I have done this before too. I am addressing an issue and I think no less of you as a person.
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  18. Wow, maybe I should just leave again then. Since you know, I haven't left for long enough to come back :/.
  19. It is not that you should leave longer, it is that when someone says they are leaving, it causes a ripple affect within the community. It affects everyone one way or another. The terms "I am leaving" should not be used lightly.
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  20. Well I'm sorry I can't predict the future. I decided to come back, and usually its a happy thing. I'm hating the negativity, so maybe I should continue my leave. Oh wait, i'm not allowed to use the word "leave" since you know, you have to be gone for a certain amount of time.
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