[Leaving] Highbuddy

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Highbuddy, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. Hey,

    i played 200+ days Enjoyed it! but im leaving due school stuff, got hacked... im not in the spirit...
    Please ban me mods! i wanna graduate, im addicted...

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  2. Sad too see you leave :( Goodbye!
  3. That sucks man,Hope that you will be back someday

    <3 :)

    But good luck in the rest of your life :)
  4. You will be missed i dident know you well but have a good life
  5. No Buddy i have know you for a while now :/ Sad to see you go :( I hope you Have a good life...
  6. Good luck! And the mods won't just ban you if you ask, you must do something ban-worthy, but i suggest you just leave in peace.
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  7. Man... I didn't really know you, but you seemed awesome.
    You were a great member of EMC... really great.
    You were even a Diamond Suppoer, for JustinGuy's sake!

    I, AlexHallon, King of Raspberry Kingdom, salute you, Highbuddy.
    Farewell, sadly-not-friend.
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  8. Good bye the Casino will miss you
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  9. Goodbye...
    If you want to leave, don't get banned, just leave. It shames the empire when someone gets banned.
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  10. Well, I hope you have fun enjoying life without the Empire.
  11. WOW.jpg
    Bye mate, i will miss you!
  12. Bye... Its Nice to see all these comments, im maybe coming back in like 5-6 months...
  13. Sad to see another player leave, but glad to see you may return. Good luck buddy...
  14. I hope you will enjoy life without EMC... And I want to say goodbye as another Dutchmen....
  15. Thanks.
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  16. Thanks! For all the sweet comments ! :)
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  17. Great to hear that :p
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