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  1. Well, recently I have seen and experienced many things that have made me doubt the community and my reasons for staying here. My first time I was going to leave was when I said something in chat that was in a playful, sarcastic tone towards a single player. Other players assumed I was a malicious troller who cares not for the other party. This was brought up frequently over a week. I was highly offended by this and I was almost on the verge of leaving EMC. Before I almost did, the other player (who I was talking to originally) talked to me about why I was verbally abused by other players. I then understood and reconsidered my rage. I took a break from EMC for a month then. After I came back, I lost interest in EMC. Now we get to about four weeks ago when I lost trust in staff after multiple cases of false bans and accusations of corruption I now see to be partially true. So, basically I have lost faith and trust in the EMC community and I am leaving as a result of it. However, I will still respond to PMs with certain people.
    Good bye.
  2. Sad to see someone go. Hope you enjoyed your stay <3
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  3. Sad to see a member leave.. I feel sorry for what you went through.
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  5. Sad to see you go!!
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  6. I'll miss you :( But I completely agree with all that you've said and it's actually been something in the back of my mind. I've said I'm probably reducing inactivity but I'm trying to stick around. There is definitely some corruption/bias going on in certain staff members, however I will not say which ones.
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  7. You'll be missed. Come visit us on the forums sometimes, and best of luck as you move on :)
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  8. whats funny about the bans is that sometimes when someone is obviously committing a bannable offense they won't ban them because they don't have "beyond a reasonable doubt" type evidence. other times they are just like, "Meh you upset me."
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  9. I'm sorry to see you leave. Personally I think that some of your conclusions may be a bit premature, but that's just my opinion. Thing is; there will always be a moment when things don't work out the way you want to, or where things may even seem or look unfair.

    But please trust me when I say that this is not something exclusive to EMC. You will see this same stuff happening on other Minecraft servers (I speak from some experience) and even so far as in real life itself.

    That doesn't mean that I don't respect your opinion on this matter, don't get me wrong here, but dealing with issues you don't like is just a big a part of the game as dealing with stuff you do like. And I know how crazy this may sound, but trust me... Its what this whole thing boils down to in the end.

    Having said that... Sorry to see you leave. But I do hope that you'll find another server (or hobby) out there which will be more to your liking.

    And well... I also secretly hope you'll rejoin us someday soon :)
  10. If someone (or a group) is being rude, remember that staff is around and will deal with players accordingly. There is also the /ignore player feature for a reason. If someone is being unreasonable, no need to see their chat.

    As for trust, or issues with any staff, I would say to start a convo with krysyy.
    I also extend an invite to you to start a private convo with me as well, as I would really like to hear what you have to say.

    Keep this in mind before anybody is judged.
    You hear one side, and one side only of anything that happens, as no staff will discuss what happens with another player. This can lead to players telling a one sided story.

    I wish you well either way.
  11. Goodbye. Keep in touch?
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  12. Can't ignore staff though.
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  13. I've always found the EMC staff to be incredibly fair and helpful, you just have to ask. Even when I got myself banned after my very first day on EMC! Chalk it up to a noobie mistake, but I was able to get the ban appealed after talking to staff, and here I am 100+ days later. I'm sorry that you have not had the same experience with this server, but I hope that everything works out for you.
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  14. It seems the bureaucracy is strangling itself, who would have thought? Oh wait, par for the course, as it were. I understand the whole bit about shaming people but when high profile players are having their "issues" made a stink out of sometimes damage control is necessary. Neglecting such is just as damning as whatever perception those players might have about the issue. I'm not saying go around telling everything that happens behind closed doors, just that rules aren't made to be black and white and EMC seems to "sometimes" have a problem with this. To me it seems like only when it would it help to "flex" on the rules is the only time that all of a sudden the rules are black and white. Any other time though... I just don't get the machinery behind the self defeating position staff in general find themselves in, what seems like(I have been using that word a lot to be a little more gentle, is it working?), quite often.

    Edit: I would just like to say that I have not lost trust/faith whatever in staff. Perhaps I reserve those words or feelings for things that are a little more consistent but I still feel just as "warm and fuzzy" about staff as I always have regardless of current happenings. I have definitely moved towards treading more softly lately but I avoid you guys as much as I ever did so not too much change :p
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  15. You'll be missed, good luck in your future endeavours! It is sad to see that you have gone through some things here but remember that the community will always welcome you back if you decide that you'd be interested again. I'll see you around, Sushi!
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  16. We should never be rude to a player :D. Rules apply to all across the board :).
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  17. I'm sorry to anyone that feels that they have lost faith in the staff. However, staff are monitored very closely and nearly every action is double checked before and after action is taken. The evidence has to be very clear before a permanent ban is upheld in any dispute. Multiple staff take part as a 'panel' of sorts and we discuss nearly every ban before and after to make sure no one is treated unfairly.

    However, I will NOT be releasing any public evidence. It does nothing but creates public shame for the players involved and allow the players to be aware of what we look for so they can bypass it. If we released our entire list of blocks that we track, we'd have griefers that specifically avoid those blocks. I know that people are upset, but the staff do their best. Yes, sometimes mistakes are made on a rare basis, but those bans are reversed after the 'checks and balances' come into play. We will NEVER take action and uphold that action against a player without evidence. We don't hold grudges and we don't target specific players. We are simply doing our best to ensure that everyone follows the rules and no one is above them.

    This is my final say in the matter. If people still want to argue that staff act out of their protocol, then PLEASE message me so that I can take action and fix anything that is wrong. If you don't have a specific problem, then I implore you to look at it from the staff's side of things (in a metaphorical sense). Staff uphold the rules of the server. If rules are broken, then the player is punished...
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  18. As someone who doesn't have any concerns regarding staff, I have a hard time believing claims of corruption or inconsistent treatment when described in such a vague manner.

    If you were treated unfairly, or witnessed something unfair, why not be more specific so the issue can be addressed? If you're afraid of inciting drama, just list your opinion of the facts without judgement.

    What were the multiple cases of false bans?

    What did staff do that was corrupt? Which staff member did it? What happened as a result? What do you think should have happened?
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  19. You going to get the whole forums shut down dude...
  20. If you play any online game and demand that moderators/staff provide proof and intricate details such as detection methods for banning, you'll get the same response as this. No staff on any other game will provide you with complete details on how their cheat-detection works.

    As far as specific individuals being banned, I'm not the staff and I'm not one of those individuals so I can't really comment on whether a specific ban was deserved or not but in my experience, compared to many other popular MC servers, EMC's policies are far more fair and forgiving than most, including in regards to appeals and second chances.
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