Leave of Absence (Lenght Unknown)

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  1. Hi Everyone,
    Its been a few days now that I've contemplated the idea of taking a Leave of Absence. I'm currently find myself lost and uninspired (Mostly just finding myself running around my res or someone else's). I know Minecraft always has something that is new and is a great way to socialise online, specifically on EMC. I will occasionally log on to EMC but mainly to not lose my vote streak and my reses as I have put a lot of time and energy into some of my builds.
    - Public Sugar Cane Farm 9272, smp4 (Will stay open for everyone to still get FREE Sugar Cane, note that I wont afk there for you anymore so stack can vary a lot)
    - My Eiffel Tower Res, 9132, smp4 (a beautiful build and also offers Public Shearing)
    - My Arc De Triumph (Unfinished), 9133, smp4

    Some of you may or may not know me. I was the one that hosted a large drop Party back in August that had SMP4 full for close to 3hrs. (90 people at its peak). With all the 1.8 talk these days the future of Minecraft is close so stay tuned to EMC updates. I'm already playing on a vanilla 1.8 private server and we enjoy it.

    Again I do not know how long my leave will be, could be 1 week could be 3+ months. Till then stay true to yourself and enjoy EMC to it fullest. My current position in EMC as a player wouldn't have been possible without the help of some very good friends.
    - smongoman24 - We joined pretty much the same week and even tough we are seperated by half the world we managed to establish ourselves a good outpost on smp4.
    - Pererfamily4l - My Mexicano friend member from our outpost lots of good times together
    - Theomight - Great friend, probably more understanding than my IRL friends.
    - Bro_im_infinite - We also join the Empire the same week, but only teamed up in the past 3-4 months.
    - StarRock13 - Like a little sister, she is helpful and jokes around too much
    - smp4 Players - Ximph, Freeshia, Moonglum_, Qvantvm, Pitsch11, Pascal1881, Bloodra1n, Cadgamer101, luckycmusic45
    - smp2 Players - Lachlan61, USB25
    - smp9 Players - Carolmoss, iamkhatru
    I may be forgetting a few friends here but you get the feeling.

    I will still be reachable on mumble as the EMC mumble community has some of my closest EMC Friends and therefore you will be able to find me there.
    Will probably play a bit of COD:MW3, COD:MW2, and GT4 so if you got those games feel free to pm me as we lack people with those game. Our current team is limited to Bro_im_infinite and me :( so we need players.
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  2. Altho im on mumble everyday you will be missed in your leave of Absence . In your absence ill will afk at the sugercane farm when i can or with my alt so that it stays instock. I hope that in your return you find yourself inspired once again :) love ya man .
  3. Same...
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  4. You'll be missed :(
    Hope you have a good time in your real life, and return to EMC with many new ideas and inspirations :D
    Hopefully we'll see you again soon!
  5. We'll miss you, but I respect and understand your decision. :) Everyone needs a break sometimes.
    That's your problem right there, you're supposed to use the Town spawn! That's the EMC national sport. :p
  6. I will AFK at your sugarcane farm no questions asked, and I am also on mumble almost everyday.

    Live long, and Prosper
  7. Will miss your hilarity on minecraft Skare! Hope to see you around/talk to you on mumble some nights!!
  8. Ya skare I'm going through the same . Not because of being bored but because of school. I'll have to get on mumble or skype one of these days. Stay fresh amigo .
  9. see ya later alligator
  10. I will miss you Skare!!!

    PS: your res number is 9272 (not 7272).

  11. You forgot me :(. Even though we've never played together... xD Hope to see you again soon! :)
  12. Dang, I will miss ya skare. Just be sure that 5kare will keep playing! :p
    Hope to see you back again. Until that point in time, I have two diff colored stormtrooper heads to keep my company! (Ya, never earned that third color).
  13. you spelled "Length" wrong in the title xD
    Yo man, we gotta get some people to join us in MW3. It's the new hip thing
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  14. Noted i have updated the OP.

    Just FYI there is the blue (100+), red (20+), green (5+), purple (3) and pink (1) that exist.

    I wandered how long it would take for someone to notice. Mr SmartyPants. And yes we need players for MW3 asap.
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  15. Oh my word, Then I have three, but would die for a purple (fav color).
    Did not realize that the pink one was truly yours!