Learning the Hard Lesson about the Wild

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  1. I think i made a typical newbie mistake of building a large, though simple, tower out in the wild. I thought I was far enough away from the beaten path to be safe from griefers who wouldn't put much effort into travelling, but I did not account for someone actually tracking down where I was located with the purpose of stealing what they could steal.

    I also thought that though the rules of the server prohibit PVP and stealing, that this would make people less likely to seek me out for the purpose of stealing- and I was wrong about that.

    I suppose I was mislead by EMC's generally good community.

    But whoever hit me will only be encouraged to look for more fortresses, in hopes that they find as much good stuff as they found at mine, with stacks of gold, iron, and diamonds filling their inventory they had to leave behind some diamond tools. Well, when you have a brand new stack of them you can afford more, right? :p That half-dozen music discs they got off me probably also was attractive. (by the way, if someone suddenly is trying to sell about half a dozen discs, PM me their name and I'll pay a cash reward for tipping me off on who's life to make a living hell).

    But of course, it was't just to steal- also every native villager and living animal in the village was slaughtered. Just for good measure.

    Though I sound bitter--and I suppose I am--this thread isn't really to moan and complain about it, it's done and I'm extremely unhappy about it but life goes on. This thread is just a testimonial for others out there, to share my experience and my lesson. Nobody in the wild is safe from greifing. Never think for a second that just because you're well away from the span means that you're safe.

    But the mistake has been made and the lesson learned: Don't even bother building in the wild. It's just not a good place for that. I very nearly wanted to quit after this event, but I'm not the giving-up type. I've just learned a very expensive lesson.
  2. the mobs were probly just eggified.
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  3. Build underground.
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  4. So true!:p
  5. that's still a good idea but f the griefers were seeking him out they will just probably seek him out again :/
  6. All I can say is that if you want to build in the Wild, you need to be looking at going in excess of 50,000 blocks from an Outpost Spawn. It's the only way to be sure.
  7. Remember: As an iron supporter, you can do /map hide. And never forget to mash F2, if you use a PC.
  8. well whoever it was was def stalking me, so they waited till I logged to "visit" , but yeah i do wish I had grabbed some screens.
  9. Autumnville and Raccoon City are situated about 5km from spawn and nearest outposts but I still dread coming on to find Autumnville like I first found Raccoon City (hence its name). I provide for the villagers by giving them iron golems and bounties of crops and build houses for them when they need more, but I know it only takes 1 determined griefer about an hour to travel those 5 km to get there. I also have found player bases within a km of it.. <,<
  10. Locked chests are your friend. At least one to keep the diamonds and ingots safe. They cannot be destroyed by any means in minecraft (they are resistant even to lava and TNT).
    The price for a locked chest is the same, whether a single chest or a double chest, so always do a double chest. :)

    Edit: That being said, what was done to you was indeed against the rules. Also, you can use the "/map hide" function as a supporter so that you are not displayed on the live map as being in, going to or coming from your wilderness home.
  11. /map hide ...
  12. They keep your stuff safe, even, according to the stress tests Justin and Jeremy did, buried under lava, exploded by tnt and creeper swarmed.
  13. Yes, I have had all three happen to locked chests of mine. :rolleyes:
    They survived.
  14. yea....but most of us are just members :/
  15. yeah, that sucks 4 u... :(
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  16. I don't build in the wild anyway so sucks 4 people who build in the wild
  17. Indeed. :p

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  18. all i can say is wow
  19. yea wow....
  20. Being far away from the spawn may not be so useful. I've seen a griefer move so quickly across the map they must have been flying.

    Keeping safe either means hiding really well or keeping a constant lookout. It helps to have a few people with you and different timezones is especially useful.

    Anyone looking to live with others in the wild is welcome to join us at zulu9's jungle outpost on smp7. Curundu's screenshot above shows one end of the outpost. Here's the view from White Harbour Tower in the east:


    And the tower itself:


    Look for the smp7 jungle outpost thread in this forum if you want to know more.