Learning Java - Where to go next?

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  1. Hi people,

    I think I did a post like this a while back, but now I know some basic Java. I learned it from a before school club at my school - it was pretty fun. However, it is coming to an end next week and I have learned all the topics that the club would cover.

    My question is to any Java programmers or anyone with Java programming experience. Where do I go next? I have learned the different type of variables, while and for loops, random number generation with java.util.Random, and getting user input with java.util.Scanner.

    Our final project was to make a simple number guessing game that incorporates all of what I have learned. You could take a look at the link. Just go to the game.java file and run java game in terminal since its already compiled.



    Thanks for answering my questions and pointing me in the right direction. I look forward to learning this language!

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  2. Oh shoot, I just realized you need an account to view that file... It lets you sign in with GitHub if you have that. I'll post the code in a spoiler once I figure out how to make a spoiler.
  3. You can make spoilers by typing:
    [Spoiler=title of your Spoiler][code]code here [/code][/spoiler]

    Which will result in this:
    code here 

    EDIT: If it's a large chunk of code I'd suggest putting it into Pastebin (just google it) and sharing the link with us.
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  4. My recommendation is to find something that interests you and make it. I never did any proper lessons to learn Java and just learnt it whilst trying to make Bukkit plugins (Not recommend :p). But once you have a good grasp of the basics, you just need to use them and then extend yourself.
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  5. Learn how to use frameworks.

    And I use the term very 'wide'; I mean to gain the ability to check up the Javadoc to find whatever feature it is you're after, how to comply to set out standards by that framework, and in general how to actually use it. Some frameworks can be quite extensive and rough to get into, even though they all roughly share a specific goal.

    What framework? Yeah, that's a bit up to you. I'm not specifically talking about native Java frameworks such as J2EE (but it helps too I guess) but also 3rd party stuff. For example: my all time favorite Java IDE (Netbeans) isn't merely an editor but a whole framework as well. They take "open source" to the next level (IMO) and allow you to create "netbeans projects" which allow you to use the whole environment (panels, editors, menus, the works) as a starting ground and then use that to build your own programs.

    The only requirement, you may have guessed it, is that you need to comply to their way of thinking. In other words: use the framework as it was intended.

    I'd start small though. A whole framework might be a little rough (then again, if you made GUI's and came into contact with Swing you already got some taste of it I guess. But heck; even picking up a 3rd party library and implementing that to work in your own programs could help (I guess).

    Ha, takes me back to my first Java IRC bot I made. Using (iirc) Pircbot; an IRC library for Java.

    So yeah, that's my 2 cents.
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  6. I used pastebin, I edited the main post.

    Okay, that is what I'll try to do.

    Okay, I'll search up and see any frameworks to start learning.

    What I really want to learn is how to make a GUI. That would be cool.
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  7. What ShelLuser said, try Swing
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  8. Oh okay.
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