Leap Frog

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    (pic compliment of ToddV)
    Said today reminded him of me, SO

    To celebrate Leap Year,

    Please join me for a nice (not evil at all) game of Leap Frog!

    tonight at 9pm server!

    Host: Eviltoade

    Location: smp6
    /v leap

    (Prizes include a rare staff head ;p
    tokens, and promos from my personal collection)

    This event is parkour. Not SUPER hard parkour, but something that everyone can have some fun while jumping around like a frog (or toad).

    Hope to see you all there!
  2. Potions of leaping allowed? XD
  3. Hope I can make it. Sounds like a really cool event. ;)
  4. Not allowed. :)
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  5. Why must I work today! Have fun everyone!
  6. I'm not the greatest at parkour...but I'll try to leap my way over :)
  7. Wow, what a really cool idea!!!
    And how befitting for it to be on Leap Day... :p
    Will definitely be attending, don't want to miss it... :)
  8. Accidentally screamed (happy scream not like Saw movie scream) when I saw that we had a parkour event lol.
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  9. This is awesome, I am gonna hop on over to play! :p
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  10. ^^And on that note we're all doomed
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  11. Ill be there
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  12. Nope. Nope. This event is evil. Or at least slime blocks in parkour is. *shakes fist at slime blocks*
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  13. Toade you lied. I thought it was regular parkour, but it was just those climb things. Got kinda disappointed :(
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  14. Great event tonight toade :)
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  15. Ladders. That was not easy. :( :( Besides that, thanks for hosting. And you are evil. :p
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  16. Just like I thought it would be before I joined, it was a great idea...
    Thanks for the event toade, It was fun... :)
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  17. *ragequit*
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  18. Parkour Event at /v leap - smp6

    Winner Platform

    First Place Winner - jewel_king (the_boulder head)
    Second Place Winner - xharo_der (50,ooor)
    Third Place Winner - Superi0n (25,000r)
    Fourth Place Winner - Ladyjaye (10,000r)
    Fifth Place Winner - Rhythmically (5,000r)
    Sixth Place Winner - OcarinaDP (2,500r)

    (promos will be sent individually to the first 3 places)

    Thank to everyone who came! <3
  19. Minecraft needs more frog legs... Mmmm frog legs. :rolleyes: