league of legends

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by nerone94, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. Come on now, everybody plays this game. Lets get a group of us playing some 5's or something.

    TucanSĂ m

    Looks weird because it has a funky A you may have to copy.
  2. I only play good games, like minecraft. :)
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  3. Exactly. I hate games like LoL. If it's an MMORPG (or however you spell it :p) or an RPG, I don't like it. Fantasy annoys me.
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  4. I just stick wih minecraft. The only other games i play are board games with family. :)
    And also, run like a bawse.
  5. Except it is neither of those? Hahaha
  6. I love League of Legends! i would gladly play with ya :D my name is ZombieSlayer22 we should defs play, sick of noobs on it that dont know how to play :p
  7. I dont mnd noobs. I random a champ every game I play, and end up doing better than the other people on my team regardless.
  8. Add me, Dubzeh.

    Morde es #1 huehuehue