[LB Ind.] Now Hiring Crafters

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Are you content with the sell prices?

Yes, this job pays well 4 vote(s) 66.7%
No, it pays too much/too little (offer suggestions in a post) 2 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. Residence Number: 5314 on Utopia, /v Luckygreenbird 3

    Description: Crafting sugar cane into paper.
    You simply buy the cane from the chests, craft it in our workbenches,
    then sell the paper back to us.
    Payment depends on the amount you choose to craft. You are paid via the sell signs.
    Chests fill at a rate of 1.5-3 DC every hour I am afk there (which I will often be). This means there is always plenty to craft. I plan to extend the farms to even greater sizes to allow for a larger flow of sugar cane.
    So if you are a speedy crafter or need an easy job, come here to make quick rupees.

  2. Bump, already had some workers today. :D I added a lot onto the farm and could use a lot more players to help craft all this!
  3. Good luck! :) This is completely irrelevant but I just wanted to say your signature is entrancing. And hey, free bump! ^^
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  4. I can craft just please don't Pm me I have 2 going on right now don't need another one in the next few mins
  5. That's fine. The shop signs and cane will always be there, so. . . players can show up any time to earn some rupees. You can stop by whenever you want for as long or little as you want to. :)
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  6. Today alone we've had over 13 DC of cane crafted by various players. Wow! But as you probably guessed, there is still much sugar cane left in these chests just waiting for someone to make it into paper! BrenJone and I are both around at this hour, so you won't be completely lonely if you decide to come on over now and craft. :p
  7. Bump again. The chests are filling up fast!
  8. You gain 384r per double chest....?
  9. my math added up to 342? - (54 / 3 = 18 *19 = 342)

    54 = DC
    3 = how many stacks you get at a time
    19 = Pay per 3 stacks minus the 1r to buy them

    my math correct? o.0

    its fairly nice pay, seeing as its an easy job - tedious...but easy.
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  10. correct math is correct.

    I am also in the process of changing all sell signs to meet this pricing. Some chests still have a :17 S on them.