Laziness on EMC

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  1. My opinion is that with the various ways that rupees are more common these days on EMC through the various perks that it's skewed the economy. It's bred laziness in people.

    Instead of someone going out to the Wastelands and getting themselves a DC of Sand and then mining to get enough coal to cook it into Glass now we have auctions where people are paying 8k+ for some glass. That's kind of crazy as I can go get a DC of glass made in probably an hour or two.

    8k rupees used to be reserved for rarer things that some of the most common blocks in the game.

    I'm not criticizing, just commenting. I don't really get this aspect of the game as it's "mine"craft, not "buy"craft. Just a thought.

    Now it's your turn to tell me that I'm wrong.
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  2. I completely agree with you. People are getting too lazy and holding off projects until they get the material when they could just go out for an hour or two to get them.
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  3. If a player wants to buy something instead of going out to getting it themselves so be it. A player might have large project and A. Doesn't have the time to gather the resources on daily basis or B. It's quicker to hire/buy/barter with another player for resources they need. Would I call that player lazy because he doesn't want spend countless hours doing a repetitive task. No, of course not it's player choice how he/she wants to play Minecraft on Emc not others. So there is no your wrong, I'm right answer statement just which way you prefer to play the game.
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  4. That's what happens when u mix minecraft with an economy
  5. I think he is commenting on how easy it is to get in game money through out of game activities, such as voting and supporter perks/daily log in bonus. I agree.
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  6. This has always been the case. It's not recent.

    A long time ago, I used to go out and mine my own materials. Then, it came to a point where taking the time to go get the materials was more harmful to me in my mind and so I started buying them instead. I got more building done this way and progress boomed on projects faster. Of course it is more taxing on your rupee balance, but I had a big mall and was never at a loss for rupees. I even went so far as to pay extra per DC rather than having to spend hours searching for shops in stock at the low prices.

    It's the simple fact of having an economy set-up at all.

    Connection to real life: I just had groceries delivered to my house a few days ago and paid extra money for the service because I did not have the time/energy to put up with the 2 hours it took to go grocery shopping myself. What is worth more, time or money? My vote is always time.
  7. Well, play your way, right? I have over 300k, but if I want to build something, I go get the resources in the wastelands. Because I think it's more fun. But if other people would rather buy their supplies, so be it, right? If they like it that way. Also, the glass you're buying is still collected. Someone did get that sand, so not everyone can be "lazy".
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  8. Heck, in my time here, I have collected loads and loads of resources and hardly sold a thing (which is the reason why my res is the way it is).
    I have given loads of things away, especially to newer players looking to build simple things, just to help them start out. If wealthy players wish to purchase resources from others, the economy will dictate how much items shall be.

    Remember the players collecting the resources, benefit from doing so, so someone is doing the work. When resources get scarce, prices will go up. But seeing a steady supply of resources, means that there are a load of players doing work!

    Also, keep in mind, that there are players who have 'difficulties' outside of town, to where they will die it they leave the town's safety. This leaves these players to purchase resources as they can only 'enjoy' EMC building in town and chatting with others, and never be able to go out mining, (especially no nether for them).

    While I may agree that some players never go mining/exploring/adventuring, they in turn are simply playing and having fun by their own methods.
  9. There is also the people who complain they have no rupees, but are too 'lazy' to vote daily. I think we have struck a reasonable balance that allows players to do things they enjoy most or find the least amount work while being part of the community.

    My least favorite is begging. Asking for things is fine, but begging annoys me really quick.
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  10. I think people buying things like glass and stuff from other people is a great advantage for those who are selling. Also I hate when people beg like what just_five_fun said. It's really annoying especially when people don't have the rupees to buy and are lazy to get them free in the waste. But still I think it's a great advantage for those that want to save to get those rare items. :p They can get easy to get items and sell and save maybe get a dragon egg just by selling quartz and glass and wood :D
  11. Yeah... People do get lazy...I raley buy stuff...I usually go to the waste/frontier to get items I need on my res I don't sell a thing!
  12. You've got that quite right. I guess most people here can see and understand points (1), (3) and (4).
    Point (2), however, is not so easy to grasp - how community and economy on EMC influence people,
    especially the younger who don't yet have knowledge and wisdom to understand what is going on.

    There have been numerous discussions about that in the past, and more often than not the bottom line was
    "we need" (to exploit) "this" (unwise behavior of our members)
    "because we need the money to pay for servers etc."

    The other ones being
    - "everyone does it" (everyone is bad so we can be as well)
    - "this is how it is" (this is the nature of the people, lazy and corrupt)
    - "welcome to the world of online games" (people are especially bad, lazy and corrupt when they play online games)
    - "find another server if you don't like it here" (all of the above)

    Well ... I guess at least some of the conflicts here are obvious enough.

    Question: can a server that advertises itself as "Legit survival server with healthy economy" sell in-game stuff / currency for out-of-game money?
    Can a survival server have the option "go creative" for $ some amount?

    Does "play as you like" mean EMC is becoming a mixed server instead of legit survival?

    This is just one of the conflicts...

    My hope is - especially since the change in EMC ownership - that the EMC community will continue to grow and mature and will eventually be able to solve those conflicts and be able to support EMC without the need of any kind of "pay to go creative" or "pay to win".

    If people really do like EMC and playing here (I do), then if there are just few thousands who play on a regular basis, $36 per year per account ($3 per month) would be enough to cover the maintenance and a nice income for EMC.
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