Launch of smp6!

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  1. I know it has only been two weeks since smp5, but it is already time to launch smp6! This server is running on improved hardware just like smp5. Eventually we will migrate smp1-4 to better hardware as well. Soon we will also be kicking off discussion for our next special server. It is going to be a hardcore SMP server (without a Town) geared towards those in the Empire that want more of a survival challenge. So look for those community conversations starting soon!

    Below is a quick FAQ for questions that I know are going to be asked. If you have a different question please check the Empire Guide first before asking it.

    What is the address of the new server?

    Can items and blocks be taken between servers?
    Yes, see the guide about using the Vault.

    Can I can claim a residence on smp6 even though I have one on a different server?
    Currently free players only get one residence Empire wide, however Gold and Diamond supporters get more. You can also unclaim your residence on another server if you wish to move.

    Can I check who is on another server?
    Yes, you can use the command /who smp2. Or if you want to locate a player you can use /p PlayerName.

    I am experiencing a little lag on the new server, can you fix it?
    This is common because the worlds are brand new and the system is building them as they are explored.

    Who is going to get the dragon egg on the new server?
    We have already removed the dragon and egg from this server, so no one will get it. This decision was made by the staff because of disputes and turmoil caused by eggs before. We plan on updating the Empire in the future that will allow more people the chance to fight the dragon and earn an egg.
  2. Check out how awesome the Wilderness spawn turned out for this server. Thanks to Dark_Liz for touching it up:


  3. FIRST!!! Looks Really Cool is it just for diamond?
    Also What happened to the ARENAS???
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  4. Figures....I'm at work!!! :(
  5. Nope it is for all members :)
  6. I love the wilderness spawn almost as much as I love the sound of the next special server! It will be nice not having the luxury of town to run to when I get mobbed by creepers.
  7. but will there be pokemon in the tall grass on this hardcore server?
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  8. I am unnoffically calling smp6 "Water world"!

    If your res has lots of water I will give... nothing. But I will like you more :D
  9. ALREADY smp6??? but smp5 just launched some weeks ago!! O_O
    Wow, the Empire sure is popular!!!
    Can't wait for that special server :D:D:D

    If we keep adding more servers all the time like this, we'll have 100 servers and 1.000.00 members soon :p

    Also, awesome Wilderness Spawn :)
  10. Dystopia will be the best.

    That is all I have to say.
  11. Congrats on the new "new" server! The hardcore server would be something I would be very interested in. I knew I had joined the right community, With all this stuff it will be very hard to get board of Minecraft.
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  12. He speaks! Welcome :)
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  13. Awesome! I cannot wait to be able to get out there and "survive"! I have been kinda upset with the Wilds on SMP1-4 though the wilds are torn up and hazardous to ones health who want to venture out further than the protected area of the spawn.

    Also! Excellent staff! Excellent setup on the servers! Love the community! Amazing Job Justinguy!
  14. Cant wait to collect resources in the new wild and enjoy how the new wild looks.
  15. And still the empire continues to grow! Amazing stuff guys. Keep it up! :)
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  16. omg make it so better

    IDEA let monsters spawn in town but creepers dont expload stuff
  17. When I first found out about smp6 I was like:

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  18. I upgraded to Diamond because of this... :)
  19. So you ARE infact making a way to get an egg!

    Angry face.