Launch of smp5!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Feb 1, 2012.

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  1. Please guys settle down, i don't want to have to constantly delete abusive and disrespectful posts.
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  2. shaun! go on smp5!!
  3. Been there about 12 hours ago, my lot is 11211 :)
  4. I'm quite a bit upset that the egg is gone.... I do however see the purpose.... i WILL however be very upset if there 'becomes' a way to get more then should be allowed... One per server - period... imho.
  5. I dunno, I like the idea. If the idea is about being the first on a server to do it, maybe a hall of fame where the first dragon killers on each server are recorded, after that anyone can have a go.
  6. Can't wait for the smp5 server its going to be great, though when it opens it will probably fill up quickly and people will take all the good residences fast.
  7. This better mean all the newbs will go to SMP5, and not crowding up SMP3...

    Other then that, MORE PEOPLE!
  8. what does the egg do?
  9. It mocks me... and my want for unique.
  10. it does nothing
  11. ... decoration?
  12. valuable EXTREMELY valuable
  13. Yah im not too late the wild looks brand new plus i got a ton of glowstone and nether brick smp5 with the new wild is so awesome im probably gonna spend a few days in smp5 until people eventually get on and the wild gets destroyed. Im gonna enjoy these large amount of resources while i can
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  14. Awesome. Justin. I am so proud for Kalland Labs.
  15. Awesome!! I'm gonna claim one tomorrow! Goodbye Smp2! :p
  16. i could honestly care less please do not spam my email. thank you
  17. Ah, smp5. So clean and fresh! The wild still looks wild. Not like someones let off tnt. Although.. I did just cause a creeper to blow up hehe. Well done, Justin! :)
  18. You care enough to reply though? Please don't kill the buzz.
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  19. can i buy a res that is beside the spawn or shop off of someone, plz, plz plz, plz plz plz
    ill give u diamonds for it and rupees
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