Launch of our second SMP server!

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  1. Homeless players of the Empire can rejoice, today we launched our second server smp2. This launched the Empire into a whole new era and added 1,500 residences. If you missed our first discussion about this, please read this thread first. Below I have created a quick FAQ to answer questions that I know will be asked. If I missed something please check the updated Empire Guide, and if it doesn't answer your question you can ask in this thread :)

    What is the address of the new server?

    Is what I am carrying and my stats like health the same between servers?
    No, your player is separate on each server.

    Can items and blocks be taken between servers?
    Yes, see the guide about using the Vault.

    Can I can claim a residence on smp2 even though I have one on smp1?
    No, at this time we are only allowing each player one residence in the entire Empire. We are in discussions about if/when/how we will allow more than one residence.

    Can I move my res from smp1 to smp2?
    Yes, we can reset and reclaim your residence on smp1 (you will lose EVERYTHING in it you don't take). If you want to move items between servers, see the guide about using the Vault. If you want to give up your residence on smp1, click here to message Jeremy.

    Do I have a different rupees account on each server?
    No, your rupees account is the same on all Empire Minecraft servers.

    Why does smp2 not have a Utopia or Wilderness world?
    Because we are going to have to reset all the non Town worlds in a couple weeks anyways (see this post). Also for Utopia we are discussing make that its own server, supporters can find the discussion on that here.

    Can I check who is on another server?
    Yes, you can use the command /who smp2. Or if you want to locate a player you can use /p PlayerName.
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  2. Will we just keep adding servers whenever its needed?

    Is there a live map for smp2?
  3. Thanks so much Justin.... I know I have said this heaps.... But thanks for all your hard work!! :)
  4. Yeah thanks from me too.:)

    LOL I have my Ipod set to alert me when the server is up. ;)
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  5. Haha nice!!
  6. What time is it there now?
    Im in New Zealand so I get confused XD
  7. :) Yay, cant wait!
  8. OMG!!!! This will be the greatest thing t happen to EMC and MC ever!!!!!!!!!! :D
  9. It is 1755 at this moment. Use a world timezone clock to compare times in other regions...
  10. Thanks twitch, so one hour to go then?
  11. Sounds cool. Like it, but it do u think it would ruin my apt. Buisness?
  12. No problem MR2R2M. I haven't got a direct link but you can fiddle with your computers time settings too, just don't accept the changes. :)
  13. Yes of course there will be a live map, getting ready to update that in a bit.

    Also, yes the plan is to add servers as we need it (and we have the financially ability to do so ;) )
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  14. Luck for me I live in eastern time, about an hour left
  15. Wow, I come back after a long week of working, and this great news was just posted! Great timing! Awesome job Justin!
  16. I am sooo excited, can't wait to gets me a crib and pimp it out B).
  17. We still need more server slots on smp1 though.
  18. Adding more server slots will make smp1 lag to much. This is the reason we added a new server. The new server uses fresh resources so we can have 45 more people experience the Empire at one time.
  19. Yes but we have like 1500 residences in smp1 and only 45 slots for players. So the second server helps end the residence shortage but not the fact a lot of people can't even get on the server..
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  20. By the way, I need my lot reset who can help me with that?