Latest snapshot awesomeness!

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  1. So I was playing around with the latest snapshot and came across this item called item frames. Basically you place an item frame, and then put in that item frame what ever it is you want to display.

    Quite an awesome feature really, would be good for shop owners and buyers alike.
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  2. thats epic

    Edit: First Post! :p
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  4. And hopefully people will still use the shops the traditional way when aikars shop system comes into effect....
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  5. Now I can brag and show my epic items, Muwahahah.
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  6. They should - according to the preliminary details of the new shop system... You won't be charged that extra shipping fee if you go to the shop and buy it.
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  7. Yup, the new shop system will have things in it that everyone can enjoy. :)

    I'm also a big fan of the item frames. Probably my favorite MC update so far.
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  8. Yea, I had not seen chickeneers thread on 1.4, so it was an awesome surprise when I started playing around with the snapshot :D
  9. Yeah, I downloaded the snapshot first in creative mode; and started looking around for new items.
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  10. And no new ores or biomes so no wild reset!
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  11. I wouldnt Jinxx it if I were you... :p
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  12. ICC or Justin might just reset the wild for fun. :p
  13. Im sure they wouldnt do such a thing, only if its necessary :)
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  14. We don't know that yet... There is A LOT of new features that will come out for 1.4. If the question is posed in 1.4 to have a wild reset - I may just support it. I was against having a reset for 1.3; but this is Months away and we don't know what the condition of the wild will be in.

    I still support Justin getting the PRA fixed...
  15. I kinda want a wild rest :p
  16. But I just don't want the LLO to be destroyed. I wish they could put it in a whole new server like xD
  17. In a couple Months - LLO might be the only wilderness community still around from right now. Sure there might be newer ones; but chances are they won't be near the size of the LLo
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