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  1. he don't need to i wont be back so subtract one member from that little total of yours.
    And we have all survived a few mistakes this server is sure to survive but that rule is still something you should reconsider. every other perk i saw listed in one of the posts above were fine, but this one is a mistake .
  2. If you want to go, just go. Goodbye threads aren't allowed anyway, and you already seemed to give up in your last thread.
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  3. lolwut, The grammar is horrifying.
  4. I have absolutely no idea what you just said.
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  5. When dealing with player counts in the tens of thousands, we usually just round.

    Thanks for trying us out, though.
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  6. *facepalm*
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  7. *Agreefacepalm*
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  8. He had created a thread about how unfair it was that he couldn't use /hide and that the staff was ABUSING their power.
    So, chickeneer closed his thread... ;)
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  9. Goodbye! But dang, i was planning on stalking you while hidden on the map!:(:(

    For those of you who dont know:
  10. *groupfacepalm* ._.
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  11. Goodbye. It is always sad to see a member of Empire go. But the staff NEVER abuses their power. This is the best staff I have ever seen, and they are the major reason why this is the only server I play. If you don't agree with a rule we have, please don't post a thread about it. Instead, contact a staff member about it and ask them to please explain why they have this rule.
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  12. You are a supporter, so he wont like or care about what you say, cause you are going to stalk him on the map:rolleyes:
  13. Translation for him: good luck server I don't think me leaving will make a difference and give me more perks

    ^_^ the grammar *facepalm
  14. Join the *facepalm* group! :D
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