Last thread, people begged me to give em money? how should i follow up? a 30k cometition ofcourse!

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  1. well, i dont play much, and i get ALL this money EVERYday. so, i like playing with it! i want you! to make a certian thing for me. the best entry of that "thing will win 30 k! what is the thing?


    step 1: come up with a name and powers.
    step b: design a skin!
    step owl: post a pic of you and the info!

    rules: must be original andemc related! skin MUST be original! and only ONE ENTRY!

    go ahead! win 30k!(in rupees)

    deadline is 9/29

  2. Sounds like a fun Competition - I hope a lot of people get involved!
  3. When is the deadline?
  4. oh yeah, forgot that. its september 29th
  5. Sorry for bumping this a little bit, but here's my entry:

    Name: Chascarrillo
    Powers: I can put a smile on anyone's face and fly with my creative powers.
  6. /report Chascarrillo Flying with creative powers.
  7. IcecreamCow. The compitition is over.
  8. Name: BobTheTomato9798
    Powers: The ability to eats Tomatoes.
  9. Nuuu :( Why?
    It is NOT. I need that money.
    EDIT: My superhero skin: Nueva Skin!.png
  10. Chascarrillo is the name of my superhero.
    Here is a picture of him:
    He likes to fly with his powers... 2012-09-15_21.10.30_2.png
    He helps lost kittens: 2012-09-15_21.11.42.png
    He often relaxes fishing at the Empire Park,
    and his favourite food is chicken stew :)
    Ready for the fight!
    Kittens really love him...
    But what he REALLY enjoys, is playing in Empire Minecraft, the best Minecraft Server.
    This is his life.

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  11. That deserves a Slow Clap. I like how that was put together :D
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  12. I had to think a lot. Thanks :)
  13. Woah, already over?
    I was soon done with it :(
  14. Hey, it's not over; you can still present your hero :)
  15. awesome montage chascarillo. thinking about doing more competitions. be on the lookout! but remember, it ends the 29th.30k r!!!!!1
  16. hmmm i wonder what skin i should i use (click my mint dragon)
  17. Name: Everypower
    Powers: Everypower :D
  18. Can we put in two entries?