Last Day Of Being 12 - Year Overview + AMA

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  1. So... Tomorrow, I leave the age of 12 and step into the age of being 13.
    My feelings:
    Horrified because i'm about to officially be a teenager and be grouchy and have even more mood swings than I do now.
    Amazed because i'm about to be a teenager and this is a big step in life...
    Mostly horrified though.

    So... Overview of the past year? Here it goes...

    Being 12 started on the 10th May 2012. I joined EMC a few months before. I didn't use the forums much, only to check the EMC news. Well, in this time, people on smp3 begun to say "Hi" to me and come to me for help and stuff. I never ventured from that little shell called "smp3".
    So, two more months passed, and I picked up my addiction of something called the "forums". I lost interest in smp3 because of a big player amount depression and wanted to explore the other servers. Once, when I was 11, I ventured to smp7. That was it.
    (In June, I got a new best friend, btw)
    I never visited that server again, until I seen something called the "LLO". This where alot of my forum posts came from at first, and alot of my EMC friends.
    September - this month my zombie interest sparked up. I began to watch "The Walking Dead: The Game" on Youtube and became interested in the TV show.
    Then, my best friend started telling me horrible stuff about her life, and I fell in 'love' with her and began to mope around (a behaviour which lasted until about February 2013). She made me point out the bad things about myself and I pushed aside all of the good. And also changed my taste in music.

    October - I began to be a notable member in the community, blah blah blah.
    December - Computer broke, got a new one, blah blah blah. Got rid of some "bad eggs" in my friendship circle and hung around with some of my better friends.
    January - I dunno...nothing? :p
    February - I was attacked in a thread which lead me to having a 2 week ban for sticking up for myself in the wrong way.
    March - My mope around threads stopped...and I began to listen to happier music (stuff from before my 'best' friend changed it).
    April - I became a lively person :p I became a little bit in the dumps when my best friend argued with me and ruled me out as a "stalker" and a "dirty little Ra[Rest is redacted]". Then I realized she wasn't worth it...
    May - THE AGE OF 12 DIES IN ME... I'm sorry... It burnt. I mean... "It flew into the wild and fire...It danced and died a thousand times". Atleast, it will...

    So, AMA... You are limited to 10 questions in this thread. I don't want to get flooded with 100 questions every 2 minutes...
  2. Who was your first EMC friend?
    Which 'EMC Friends' do you talk to the most?:rolleyes:
  3. What do you know about Baltic anyway?
    How random I'm I?
    Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania?
  4. I like these're just a TINY bit older than me, Good luck..
  5. You are very mature for a 12 year old, other 12 year olds I have seen are not like you.
    Happy Birthday, best wishes.

    Do you like potatoes?
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  6. Who doesn't? I mean, seriously, potatoes! The best thing in the world man!
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  7. Wow I thought you was much older?
  8. Not just you..90% (just an estimation) of us did.
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  10. AlexHallon.
    You & Mba :p
    Probably nothing.
    Not very... ok... a little.
    Estonia FTW.
    Thank you :3 My teachers say the same.
    Who the heck doesn't? :p
    When I first revealed my real age almost everybody in the community was shocked :p
    Oh dear god. My sides hurt so much :eek: Also, I was thinking more of this:
    (David is 12 year old me, Matt is 13 year old me :p)
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  11. I starting to wonder, are you comparing me with soul? Hm...
  12. Good luck, it will be horrible
  13. Shhh, you're not supposed to tell him that :p Just kidding, teen years will be some of the most enjoyable but stressful years of your life, but how'd I know I am only into my 2nd year (Nearly 3rd)
  14. I'm thinking being an adult is the most stressful time of life... Maybe even being an elder...
    Adults have to pay bills and stuff, feed themselves, get jobs and think about having kids...
    Elders are more prone to getting mugged. Unless you're my grandad. My grandad is more hench than most muggers.
  15. Well you know what I mean, maybe not the most stressful but they will probably be pretty stressful, with exam pressure and parent pressure etc.
  16. In about 3 hours I will turn 13 :eek: DEAR GOD SOMEBODY HELP ME PL0X!
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  17. Well. Happy Birthday first off. Then you will finally be declared as a Teenager. :D
  18. Something I ain't and am looking forward to >.>
  19. Im 13, from 12 im not more moody, just A LOT more sarcastic:p also what would you do if a donkey bit your finger?
  20. I overuse sarcasm IRL :p
    After having been in that situation before, i'd punch it in the head. If it didn't let go, i'd headbutt it. If that didn't work... I'd scream in agony...