Largest legit shop transaction

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  1. Congrats go to RoBot_Chicken_66 for winning the Dragon Egg.

    He is now a proud owner of Utopia's Dragon Egg. I bet he has big plans for it :)

  2. Cues screen cap of rupee log ;)
  3. Charge your phone!
  4. Blue? :O I want a blue screen on my phone too! :D
  5. Awesome just awesome

    -sidenote- is that a joke right by your signal bar it says BEER or I'm just wrong :)
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  6. why does it say "beer"?
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  7. Mmmmm, Beer!
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  8. His phone is celebrating with a beer after that multi million R auction :p
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  9. Thats alot of rupees my friend....
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  10. Leo you rich guy!! With that ammount of rupees you could give EVERY SINGLE MEMBER 81 Rupees!! Now I am talking every one of 44209 members!!! Of course not all the members are ones that regularly play on the servers.....

    BUT STILL!! Thats crazy!
  11. And still not the richest player in EMC...
  12. Really? Who is?!? Staff dont count btw :p
  13. PThagarad.
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  14. Oh yea, shouldve known :p 100 and something k of his money was from me for TNT hahah
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  15. i have 15k rupees IM A BOSS XD
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  16. dubzy1 is pretty rich up in the 4 mil i think
  17. You guys are making me feel sad. I just has 4k. :(
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  18. It says beer cause he has a jailbroken iphone
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  19. I read your post so fast I thought it said " It says beer casue his phone isn't potty trained. "