Landscaping Contest Winners

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    Click Here to view the final results for the Landscaping Contest.

    Congratulations to the winners! You will be receiving your prizes shortly.
    Thank you to JustinGuy, amadai, d1223m, Barks87, Twitch1, apamment, Jabrzer0, ivonator123, Mudkipturtwig, Zabriel, nightmare32808 for all the help support and of course donations to the prizes.
    1ST PLACE: 8000r total per winner per server -----------------------------
    A 1st place signature badge for your Server

    SMP1: Eclipsys Lot 841
    SMP2: Squizzel_Boy Lot 4373
    SMP3: d1223m Lot 6033
    SMP4: tecuya Lot 9255
    SMP5: jefffire Lot 10788
    Utopia: Jabrzer0 Lot Wild
    2ND PLACE: 4000r total per winner per server----------------------------
    A 2st place signature badge for your Server

    SMP1:Sunny_Chicken Lot 2213
    SMP2: GameKribJim Lot 3050
    SMP3: Mrfistersr and mickwhiskey Lot 6366

    SMP4: geofftheninja Lot 9273
    SMP5: Shonnna00 Lot 10011
    Utopia: tshack235 Lot 5200

    Best Non-Supporter Creation: 6000r total to one non-supporter, for the best creation.
    The non-supporter with the most votes(from the remaining entries) is:
    jefffire SMP5 Lot 10788

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  2. congrats everyone!
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  3. Yay I didnt come second in something! :D

    Good one everybody!
    And thank you scar for organising :)
  4. um the detailed list down the bottom is of the wool contest.
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  5. whoops knew i forgot one thanks apamment
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  6. Gz D1223m honor to loose to you :) Good job
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  7. Wow! Congrats to all the winners!
    Scarl, I promoted this to the frontpage, and took down the other thread. Great job on the contest, you ran it very smoothly : )
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  8. I luved this contest was just sad cause my pictures sucked and i thinked that made me get a worst ranking then the one i was hoping for
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  9. Yay! Thanks! I actually made my yard first, then I entered in the contest after margaritte told me about it :)
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  10. I'm so happy :D
  11. And now you're teh winnar! Yay :D
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  12. Congrats to everyone who won! I wish I had finished my res in time I would have sent it in! Sadly it's taking forever!
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  13. Congratz congratz! All of you who entered are wonderful artists! Don't be ashamed if you didn't come in 1st or 2nd! You all did a good job!
  14. Cool!!! I wanna see what this badge looks like...
  15. what? wait, wheres my badge? ooohhhh i must have to pick it up at the front desk aye?