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  1. theres a bunch of fireworks going off on smp3 and i cant seem to move. i was able to get the coords of the area though.
    here is a screenshot of the coords:
  2. Its called lag bro
  3. that or the server got its firework bug back again
  4. You configure your setting and make sure it is as fast as it can?
  5. Dude look. it says theres almost 22 thousand entities or whatever they are. It's usually below 100. I have my pc set to 20fps max because my gfx card fan went out and i dont want it to overheat. It works 100% fine on other servers. Someone has fireworks going.. Tons of them in quick intervals.
  6. Yeah... This is exactly why people can't leave fireworks on.
    Someone did this on SMP2 and it made a giant dead zone where nobody could go O__O
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  7. Fireworks, very bad for your health. Side effects may include -
    Heart attacks
    The dangerous fps drop
    IcC fever
    And alot more. Just a warming golf...
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  8. Well then. that would have been useful information. I found and fixed the lag issue. And yes it was fireworks.

    Apparently the server doesn't like 21,094 Fireworks in the air.
  9. O_O
    *Music slowly fades in from background*
    I wish that fireworks, in the night sky, would stop lagging, I could really use a mod right now, mod right now, mod right nooow.
    To the tune of airplanes.
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  10. 21 THOUSAND?.. oh my
  11. there should be a rule about auto firework shows going on all the time
  12. There is.
  13. I knew it...
    or choose another:
    and enjoy your Minecraft experience more:)
  15. Who has time to make 21,094 fireworks..?!
  16. it is a minecraft glitch where the fireworks just stay in the air instead of disappearing when shot off. As the chunk is loaded, chances are the dispenser with the fireworks in it will fire off many more times just building that number up.
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