Lag on Res #2024

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  1. (I accidentally deleted my entire post before, so if this sounds incomplete, it's because it is)

    Hello everyone! On my res (#2024), I've experienced a lot of lag. I have narrowed it down to the main level, but i'm not quite sure where (it may be around the fireplace near my res spawn). If somebody could list some things that are known to cause lag, it'd be great! Also, if you want, you can check it out for yourself on smp1. Here are things I've done to help:

    • Changed all animated signs (with &k) to regular signs.
    • Changed lighting from fire to glowstone
    • Lit up my res more
    • Got rid of all hoppers
    • Got rid of all crops

    Anything helps! Thanks in advance!
  2. Have you tried changing your graphics to fast instead of fancy? Also, could it be a neighbors residence causing lag?
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  3. I do know that some of the lag is on my part (on account the parts of my good computer are stuck in NY), but it's not this bad on any other residences (besides malls). I always keep my graphics on fast. And... I contacted a neighbor recently, and since he never used his residence, he reset it for that specific purpose because we knew it was causing lag.
  4. What kind of lag is it? Stuttering, freezing or delay?
  5. I get a lot of all, but not as much freezing as before. Most of the time it's just stuttering, mainly low FPS in general. I can't find much that would cause lag.
  6. Took a look and didn't see anything that would lag from the server's side. I think it's just a combination of your 73 entcount, 4 beacons and generally busy res :)
  7. Make sure your render distance is not to high. Other than that, what are you defining as low fps?
  8. Did you use the debug options to see how much memory minecraft is allocating for what when on your residence?
  9. I am getting a solid 50 FPS on your residence using x256 texture pack & maxed settings, I don't see any issues.
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