Lag next to old tutorial?

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Lag around the edges of my res?

Yes 8 vote(s) 66.7%
No 4 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. My reses are located next to the old tutorial, since the new tutorial came out I havent been able to walk outside or near the edges of my res next to old tutorial! I get 0fps and then crash :( I was told that it couldn't be the tutorial so I assumed it was my reses... so I reset them all hoping it would fix this. And of coarse it didnt! its either something under the path (where the lag starts) or something else but I really need help. It might be my neighbours farm under her res but she never comes online long enough to talk too. (FYI I am not going to move my reses as I payed alot for them).

    please come see if you get lag aswel - 18026 smp9
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  2. I'll have a look at it later when i come online :)
    [ EDIT ] I've also received no lag...
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  3. i got no lag whatsoever and i ran the whole way around the edge of your res.
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  4. Damit. Looks like i need a new PC. Thank you :D
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  5. Or... you can always #BlameJcplugs
  6. Or #StillBlamingAikar
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  7. I thought it was either #blameobama or #blameaikar or #blamebedslug or something dumb like that. #blamejcplugs is new but this one is my second favorite, #blamebedslug is so much better.
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  8. -_- I just checked out the res and it wasn't the tut that was making me lad, it was the tower with all the tile entities (glass panes)
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  9. ah yes, since it got built there has been lag
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  10. I lag and crash hard too... lol im to scared to go near Play's res's
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  11. Ikr, I have to live there
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  12. I reckon its queendiva's shop
  13. Its not, im getting ag on the far side of my res
  14. I used to get lag everytime I went into the jungle biome that had queendiva1's res, but something happened and *bam* it was gone. :p
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  15. Res number?
  16. How many res's away from queendiva1 are you? If you are 1-2 res's away you may get lag, around that area, my pc either crashes or lags so much I can't move.

    But it could be something around you other than queen, I'll come check when I'm online later
  17. #Pugsinmycomputer ?
  18. Mmm i dunno then if its not queen.....
  19. Im 2 reses away from queens tower, I had to move my 2nd away because i couldn't enter my res; it was right behind the tower