Lag killed my horse!

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  1. So i had an incititus while in the waste, rushing back to my house. All of the sudden, the mother of all lag spikes occurs, making me freeze out, and when i come back, a creeper kills my horse. Now, my computer is literally a god. I did not lag from my internet connection, nor do i ever. The server has had ferocious lag spikes lately, ruining alot of stuff that ive been doing lately. (example: lag makes momentus speed up, and teleport me into him from his sucking in attack, and makes me lose my stuff. My good stuff too.) So anyways, im asking if there is anyway possible i can get something for my dead horse. I know now they cost tons of money, and i dont have enough to just spend like that. Plus, it wasnt even my fault. This was my incititus horse from when i got the promo too, so im really upset. Is there anything you can do to help me out with this? Im really really furious with this.
  2. Sadly, there is not much the staff can do about this as they never give/spawn items out to players in these situations, simply because if they gave items out now, they would have to give out for every situation. It also helps to prevent scamming on the side of the player, as they could be lying about losing the horse for free items. So the only way you can get one is if a player is kind enough to give you one out of their money.
  3. Do you know the coords you died at? Or the relative location?
  4. ugh. thank you for telling me this. This makes me extremely angry though. Its not fair whatsoever. and they can check the logs to see if it really happened too.
  5. yeah. i didnt die there though, just the horse. they are really close to my house in the south east wasteland
  6. Only certain logs can be put into servers. I do not know of any server that has a horse dying log? Though that may just be what I have seen.
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  7. I can't be positive, but I don't think those types of events are logged.
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  8. We log very specific things designed to make moderation actions easier, and rule breakers easier to detect. Sadly, horses aren't a particually useful thing to detect rule-breakers... so they're usage isn't logged. Well, not completely. ;)
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  9. Closest I can think of is summoned horses in the wild in the rupee logs
  10. ugghggh. welp, thanks jack. do you know something i can do for this, other than buy another one though? i really want my horse friend back :/
  11. Horses are not tracked, except for a specific case way back when they were added.

    Also, can a creeper really one shot a regular horse?
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  12. Sorry, EMC staff are unable to refund items lost due to bugs. It's a blanket policy designed to protect the system from abuse. I hope you understand. :)
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  13. oh is that from me? i think it is. i summoned him at the portals in the waste and rode him from there, and when i got about 1/2 way to my house, it lagged and a creeper got us
  14. yeah man, it was weird. i thought he would survive. he had a line plus 2 hearts of health. im really upset
  15. ok. thats fine. i understand :/ ok dood, thanks for your help. ima see if someone is willing to drop a price of one by a tad. otherwise ill have to ride a normal horse ;(
  16. no, that would be mine :)
  17. I dont think it is considering it says wilderness.
  18. i think they say the same thing, but are different. idk though