Lag issues

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Code_Surfer, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. I am all the sudden having lag issues and I can't find the source. It will go away for minutes even hours and then it hits hard. I need help.
  2. Server lag or FPS lag?
    Serverlag; check your internet connection
    FPSlag; are you running other programs, virus checker, or is your hard disk almost full?
  3. check your drivers are not overheating
  4. I have no idea waht it is bu ti know its not server lag because bonzd67 has proven that to me already.
  5. is it FPS?
  6. If it's low FPS then optifine can help ya. A good graphics card will also help tremendously. I used to suffer from low fps until Nvidia Titan came into my life :)
  7. Use ocd texture pack
    Open task manger, go to process, find javaw.exe, set the priority to high(every time you play)
  8. It could be my graphics card i know i have nvidia but its an older version and i dont know what optifine is.
  9. i have a horrible graphic cards, but it runs smoothly :p
  10. ;3 I have been having this happen to me to recently >_<