lack of pepole with ruppes

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  1. if pepole dont have alot of ruppes you should hire them for a bussiness or give them a ruppe or 3
  2. people* don't* a lot* rupees* business* rupee*
    And now after deciphering that, people do hire other people. I myself don't hire people, mainly because I don't trust many people.
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  3. Or they can go to the wild and mine.
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  4. Sometimes the problem with this is people say "I don't want to work, it's too hard" and expect you to just hand it over.
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  5. I recommend going over to 911 on SMP1, buying shears, and shearing sheep. With a single set of shears, you can get ~6 stacks of wool and sell them at the chests in the pens for 64R a stack. Every time you do this, you'll get 500-750 rupees. In a day, you could be up to 10,000 rupees!

    Edit: Huh? Found this on another thread... I assume you were lying.
  6. With how many high paying sell shops out there, the only reason someone would be broke is they are too lazy to gather resources. This is a key role in a survival server, if people dont want to do the work, they should find a creative server.
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  7. so with that other thread thing... i guess kevin lied about his age.
    also i hire many people. i hired a few people (6k each) to clear out dirt from my lot. then again, i did kinda lose most of them because i stopped getting on because of internet troubles....
    anyway rups are actaully quite common with people who are not new.
  8. Or how about you stop being a couch potato and go and mine something.
  9. for one this forum is for other players who barly have ruppes im stinking rich but nobody rlse hires them i have a emc job i have a big shop being built (viset my res on smp1) and i help out the pepole who dont have ruppes because they get cond by pepole like you meancravta
  10. then why should you care about the other people by making a thread for them? just say to them next time they act like a jerk and say "hey, why dont you actually work, rups dont grow on trees, but you can make rups by cutting them down. now get back to work"