La Tour Eiffel: A project by Ahzeriel and Heyaroo

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  1. Bonjour mes amis! Aujourd'hui nous avons un project pour vous! Hahaha! We are here today with a project for you! Me and heyaroo have formed a team to build a project. As the title suggests we're building the Eiffel Tower! This build will be on utopian res 5191. We will be building this mainly out of stone. We also have planned a beautiful garden and French inspired buildings (cafes, shops) surrounding the Eiffel tower. If you would like to donate, please come to Heyaroo's Res 5377 on Utopia :D Thank you so much!

    If you would like to donate we need the following:
    1708 Sandstone Blocks
    9353 Sandstone
    A lot of Smooth Stone
    Any leaves, flowers you have

    Thank you! And we will be sure to have a drop party at grand opening with lots and lots of fireworks :p

    PS: I'm terrible at writing threads, I apologize. :p-Ahz

    Shon14 4 stacks of leaves
    Jcplugs 3 chests of wool. And moral support.
    Amusedstew Single Chest of Stone: Single Chest of Roses
    Dwight5273 2 Double Chests of Stone: Double Chest of Roses
    Pandaseatramen tons of leaves and sandstone
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  2. I got some jungle leaves... how much you guys need?
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  3. We're not sure, the garden doesn't have a schematic so we kinda just are building it as we see fit. Haha.
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  4. Put a ton of stone in there....
    It is very difficult to donate about a SC of stone at 32 pieces at a time.... :p
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  5. I have two dbchest of unused smooth stone at one of my wild base. Just give me two access chest at desired res and it's yours. :D
  6. I'll make a larger quantity chest, sorry about that. Lol
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  7. It's done. Thanks a ton!
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  8. Np, I will transfer the stone sometime tonight or tomorrow but you will get it before end of the weekend.
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  9. Pssst, this garden system is inefficient.... I cant drop a ton of roses at once....
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  10. Ooo you need roses.... Another Dbchest of roses on the way.... :p
  11. You'll need an access chest becuz hoppers are slow.... :p
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  12. Already done. :p
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  13. Yea you should all 3 items in the next 10 minutes .... had time to spare. lol
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  14. I love french culture! 10k coming your way very soon! :D
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  15. Hon hon hon un baguette Eiffel tower!

    j/k >.>''

    I can help with leaves and smooth sandstone :D
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  16. Thanks to everyone for all the donations, they're helping a ton! =)
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  17. o3o weewt can't wait to see the project done
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  18. Give ahz all the wools! :D
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  19. Ok. I've paid 10k! Hope it goes into something useful! :D
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