Krysyy's FireFloor - 7pm EMC Time

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Round 1: Single Floor
    Round 2: Multi Floor
    Round 3: Single Floor

    Prizes include tokens, rupees, and/or items.
    Possible Bonus Rounds for Experimentation =P

    The Arena has had some minor upgrades to help alleviate lag (and look pretty). Hopefully they help.

    Go to /v firefloor on smp4 to play!
    Check out to learn the game!
  2. first :D
    Awesome even know I have to read it still :p
    EDIT: I cant make it sadly :(
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  3. Awesome logo for this! love it
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  4. Krysyy and fire? This won't be good . . .
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  5. Very cool. :)
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  6. Burn Baby Burn
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  7. No telling whats in store for us :eek:
  8. Not sure if I'll be able to tag along yet, but we'll see ;)
  9. I will try to attend.
  10. I am scared...
  11. At least it isn't max >_> imagine if she was in control of fire floor
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  12. *shudder* It's better than if it were Max and fire...
  13. Same as i said xD lol
  14. I didn't see your post. xP Well, at least we're in agreement that if Max were running Firefloor, there would no longer be a Firefloor afterward!
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  15. Lol we should totally get Max to do it <--- Sarcasm
  16. It's a disco inferno!
  17. Hmmm, i'll definitely come... ;)
  18. cool i'll try to stop by :)
  19. I will be there with my Maxarian head of fire. :cool:
  20. Krysyy is running firefloor. Abort mission, everyone! Abort mission!