Krysyy's Birthday Celebration Plans! September 13th

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  1. Hey everyone!

    I have overcome the craziness of work, my eye is healed up, and I'm not on-call this weekend, so here is the plan:

    This party will take place in 3 parts in order to allow all timezones to attend. The location will change depending on the event...but it is mostly on smp2 since that is where I got my start.

    Res name will be announced just before party.
    Each part will have the same number of items dropped/events planned so there is no bias one way or the other. The only change should be the people and (maybe) a name change or two in items as well as timing of drops since I'm not a machine.

    Schedule: Saturday, September 13th
    Times shown are EMC time!
    10 am - 2 pm: Part 1
    4 pm - 8 pm: Part 2
    11 pm - 3 am: Part 3

    The time between 8 pm and 10 pm is blocked to allow my weekly Doctor Who worship and foods =P

    What you can expect:
    -Pumpkin Party!

    What I expect from you:
    -Have Fun!
    -Be Nice!
    -Don't Complain!
  2. As it should be!
  3. I should be able to attend all of them...
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  4. Yay! Finally something I can attend :)
  5. Made it to pacific time (i really made it for my self)
  6. Thanks \(o3o)/
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  7. Awesome! I'll definitely attend part 1, and aim to attend part 2 as well :)
  8. I'm pacific Time :3 i can only make it during the middle of part two and after that </3 that worklife is killing my mc life LOL
  9. 4PM to 8PM
    10PM to 2AM
    5AM to 8AM

    It will be scheduled that way for me. I will be at all three, as I kind of want to and nothing happens the Sunday after. I am going to need Red bull, loads of Red bull.
  10. I shall hope to make it to part one and/or part two, glad the times are flexible as else I may had not been able to go! Thanks for doing this Krystal, and happy birthday :p
  11. I can hardly imagine having a lifestyle like that :3
  12. I am looking forward to it! And Happy birthday!
  13. But, I doubt many people will be able to come, because the mindcrack marathon will be this saturday...
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  14. Unfortunately, I doubt that I will be able to attend any of the three parts. However, I'd like to give you a massive thank you in advance for holding such a huge, elaborate festival. I'm sure the community greatly appreciates it. :) Good luck to all those who can make it! :D I look forward to hearing about how it went. :)
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  15. This will rock! Happy BDay krysyy! HOpe there's a better turnout than mine had XD 5 players isn't a party :(
  16. Good thing I don't watch mindcrack!
  17. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe this thread is about birthday celebrations, not voting contests. :)
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  18. birthday-bump ;)
  19. I personally think that Doctor Who went far downhill after Peter Capaldi became the Doctor.
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