Krysyy Jane head and others NOT showing!

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  1. I get a Steven head every time!! I won a Krysyy Jane head earlier, from the woman herself (during her birthday games), and it shows the name in my inventory but it won't show name or face when placed on a wall. I did the same with my pigmen heads. Nope.
    Troubleshooting already tried:
    Taking down and placing head again (several times)
    Switching up to 1.8
    Switching back down to 1.7.10
    Having a friend place it

    I'm frustrated. T.T Help?
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  2. Try using 1.7.9 I believe that one doesn't have the head glitch not 100% tho
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  3. Known glitch with heads. They are super buggy in 1.7. Aikar is working on fixing them though.
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  4. That didn't work either Lukafolz. But thank you.

    Thanks Slash14459 ... It's so frustrating. I want to either display it or sell it but I can't do either if no one can see it. lol
  5. Probably just a pure client glitch then maybey do the good old fashion uninstall re install xD
  6. Not so simple with Linux I think... xD I should have my husband do it or wait for Aikar and team to fix it. lol
  7. I'm having the same problem with the purple krysyy head I won :(
    It's not showing up, but I'm sure it'll work eventually.
  8. You need to download optifine, that will work!
  9. Sometimes they don't just work, just place therm where you want to, and every so often it will show the head. As said above, it's uber duber buggy :D
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  10. 1.8 fixes the heads, I think. OptiFine does not make heads show for me; I have it always running.
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  11. RESOLVED: it was actually just a Steve head, so it was displaying as such.
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  12. False. ._.
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  13. It happens to me all the time, it takes a couple days/weeks for the heads to finally show...
  14. Yep this happens to me, the head over my fireplace occasionally turns into a steve. Sometimes it only takes a few minutes after I reload the chunks on my res of res or a week or two when it feels like it.
  15. There is no reason to be making threads regarding bugs, we have a bug team you can PM :)


    There are a few more, but I forgot the names, if you pm like 2 of these 4, I am sure your issue will get tracked and fixed as fast as possible :)
  16. 1.8 Doesn't fix them.
  17. Tried that. Never got a reply.
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  18. im still playing on 1.7.4 and see everything fine XD really funny
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