Krystal doing her bit for the EMC Community!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by FDNY21, Apr 21, 2014.

  1. Just thought I would share that while looking at, I came across krysyyjane9191 replying to a member looking for new a new server, suggesting EMC to them!

    Clear justification Krystal, you are doing EMC proud and doing every little bit to help EMC grow to an even further potential! Props to you :)
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  2. Woo hoo! Nice job, krysyy! Hopefully that new member will be wandering into EMC any day now! :)
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  3. Good job Krys, you're putting EMC in the spotlight again
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  4. Krystal carrying on with helping the Community, glad to see she is a very dedicated Community Manager, not just here but helping us elsewhere too! :)
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