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  1. Hello People of EMC

    If you need a minecraft Channel Art Please contact Me I will make you one.


    Basic Channel Art= A Channel art with just your username thats it= 500r
    Fancy Channel Art= A Channel Art with your username and an Avatar = 2500r
    Epic Channel Art = A Channel Art With your username,Advertisements,Avatar = 5000r

    At the moment I cannot make Minecraft Background but I can easily do a mix or one colour and i can make it like a minecraft style if you want to.

    Please Contact me on Private Message Please, Saying

    [What your channel name, What coulor and font you want your name in]
    [Want your avatar on? yes/no]
    [What advertisements you want]
    [What Coulor Background do you want]

  2. I'll buy this. Just let me get my form together :)
  3. Can we get some examples of thou work?
  4. This Work is quite old but still

    Also I did demons Work.
  5. I can make them alot better because I have better technology to use it now
  6. Could you make an example one then please?
  7. Thank you :)
  8. Here One That i just did for an Example If i wanted to do Mine
  9. That's ok. I can see the effort but I could probably make that and I'm looking for something unique.
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