Kitten's Big Goodbye 2.0

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    Well, considering I'm going to make a better goodbye thread, here it is.


    My History on EMC: (Long story, don't read if you don't want to hear a very boring and long piece of text)

    I first joined on a nice day in early 2013, after Gollark had told me about EMC earlier that day at school.

    I was welcomed by a few kind members, one of whom had a residence next to me. I went to the Empire shop, and bought some useless bricks with my starter money. I regret blowing my cash on those bricks to this day, and I think I still have them somewhere in the 2nd NR Bunker. After losing most of my cash, I embarked on a project, using the useless bricks, to build a massive mansion. A few hours later, my house looked like a total mess. Yes, I had made the awful mistake of building a uncreative brick blob with no windows. So, I changed it into a badly made shop that sold useless stuff, like Rotten Flesh and bones, and resorted to putting a sign up saying "DONATIONS GLADLY ACCEPTED".

    It turned out my neighbor, was in the Villager business, and so gave me some money he had got from his business, and told me about "413", as it was known back then. A more sensible me, went to 413 and bought a diamond pickaxe as my first order of business. I went back to my res, and ripped apart my useless blob and got down to business. I created a slightly better shop, with prices similar to 413.

    A few days later, I found a auction in chat for a corner res. Nobody was on, so I entered the auction.
    And won!
    For the measly price of 1r...
    I thanked my neighbors who were on at the time for the help, and I demolished my shop and went on my way to build the not-very-famous Kitten's Bakery.

    Kitten's Bakery, was a shambled mess. First off, it was in a Tundra biome. Which isn't good when your trying to grow wheat and produce sugar cane.

    I spent my time trying to fix up lighting so the factory worked, and got annoyed and fed up until I heard, ringing out in chat.

    "Anyone want to join a wilderness nation?".

    Your village idiot kitten, having been on another server and building a shameful town there, which was called the Bentegg Village, answered the call with "me".

    I was shown my way to a nether rail, which I rode to the town, and set up shop, by immediately setting sail to found my own town south of the location.

    A while later, I was in need of money, and well err....

    Me, being the village idiot entrepreneur kitten, decided to make a quick buck ripping up the Draca Nether Rail.

    Bad. Choice.

    The EMC Police Department were on my trail within a while, and so I got ban-hammered by a Member.

    The months pass, your village idiot reads the threads, reads the NR thread because he is so bored, reads the east wild communities threads, looks at pictures of glorious old Wrem, which I never got a chance to see, until Gollark comes up to the village idiot-entrepreneur and says.

    "Kitten, surely you can go back on EMC now, you can appeal your ban you know!".

    As soon as I got home that day from school, I typed in a ban appeal.

    The reply?

    Accepted. You are allowed back on with immediate effect.

    I dashed on, and Gollark and I set out to build our dream.

    The Snowv Socialist Republic.

    The "SSR".

    Aka, the same abbreviation as what the USSR used for the Soviet Socialist Republics. I became slightly well known within the east wild, meeting devon for the first time in a group chat hosted by holly, and Snowv became a hive of...

    Idiotic building, and kitten and his hub of Socialist friends.

    Around that time, since I was getting bored, I decided to look at the Communism Wikipedia page.

    I reformed the SSR into a Communist republic, resulting in the Snowvian Central Communist Republic, becoming someone who liked Communism greatly.

    Months pass, I lose interest, when...

    I get a brainwave.


    I dash to 72Volt, ask for permission, and start it up!

    And therefore, you have the most infamous Creation of mine.

    If you haven't heard about it, one day it will turn into something like the Lava Wall jokes made about 72Volt.

    I get protests from many members, and flame wars start, with users blatantly refusing a 2nd NR.

    Still, according to 72Volt it was one of the most popular outposts in Viewing and Posting terms, so I can't complain.

    Too many flame wars go past, and wreck the 2nd NR, and so the GR is founded.

    A Socialist state that I'm proud to say is the perfect definition of a failed state.

    The GR went "swimmingly", if you count swimmingly being drowning in the rapids of the East Wild, while Estona and Volt go well.

    Still, I was called the East Wild's USSR, so I can't complain there either.

    The months pass, and we come to the fateful day.

    The day the kitten gets banned.

    But don't worry, he's told he can appeal in a while!

    So, come June, I will be back on, building another superpower, hopefully with friends from outside EMC helping!


    Now, there's the end to my story.

    Goodbye for real, but if a nation game like New Nations pops up, I'll be back in a flash.


    Au rivour!

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