Kingdom hearts!

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  1. if you don't know what kingdom hearts is, lemme tell you

    Kingdom hearts is a RPG game where you play as a fourteen year old boy named sora

    who fights evil monsters called heartless and nobodies (unversed are in kh BBS)

    and also he fights Disney villains (hades, scar, Pete all those guys!)

    there's also a group of 13 people who are nobodies they are called organization XIII (there are XIV but xion does not count)
    also did I tell you...

    Final fantasy is in the game to!

    some characters that appear are:

    sepheroth! <3

    Cloud strife

    squall leonheart

    yuffie kisaragi

    aerith gainsborough


    tifa lockhart

    if you have any questions let me know ^3^ ^3^
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  2. I love Kingdom Hearts.
  3. I've never played Kingdom Hearts, but I think Yoko Shimomura composed for it, whose work I like a lot!
  4. The game with the most HD collections

  6. Sounds awesome :D
  7. Well I would hide Rhy from this
  8. XD
    hope you do :)
  9. i love sora's new outfit!
    i found this!

    Im so hype by this, big hero 6 im kingdom hearts 3!!