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  1. WELCOME...
    i wanted to get nether quartz... but that takes way!!!! to long to get there... so i decided to go with a group... on smp9 i want to start a nether exploration team... it will only hold 5 people

    Current In

    -#1 Minemeetsroblox




    First 2 to join becides me gets 500r.
    also this group is not accepting any 2nd accounts because second accounts could get nether quartz by buying them from stores so that is also excluded.
  2. *Goes to sign up*
    *Sees supporters are not allowed*
    Reaction: tumblr_m9k21tEVTX1qk7f25o1_r1_500.gif
  3. ... did you not read the info?
  4. Iron supporters can't use Utopia for mining. Just sayin'.
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  5. Yes, i did xD
    It's just a joke
  6. Nope. It's unreadable.
  7. Having more people doesn't mean you will get to the quartz faster, it will most likely take you longer
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  8. lol... group up... get there with a quick speed and start mining for a few hours and split it in 5ths
  9. So you need a group to use a speed potion?
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  10. Last time I went group mining I died and the others couldn't find my stuff so I lost 14 stacks of quartz...
  11. last time i went mining i came back with a dc of quartz ore, yall doing somefink wrong :p
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  12. no... i thought get to a spot and get stuff quiker speed is optinal