Kidnapped PThagaard and Happyshopper

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Highbuddy, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. Don't move i said!
    i captured them! want the ''Dealers'' back!? Pay 500k due next week!
  2. hmmm...what to do?

    p.s. those arent ALL the dealers...
  3. Due next week sunday!
  4. Please help!

    Not a bad word about Happyshopper, but it really smells in this glass box, and its not me...
  5. /home {1,2,3,4}
    /v 9140 ;)
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  6. We need Proof if They are alive.
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  7. You should just rob PT, he has 7+mils you will be a rich man :)
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  8. Time ticks. *Tick* *Tick*
  9. We Need to put together a ransom Deposit.
  10. Charge your laptop dude =P
  11. How interesting
  12. Wait this isn't on EMC so why should we pay you?
  13. Give them cake. They will be happy.
  14. good catch =D
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  15. I aint paying
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  16. Just pay I'll help!!
    (I know sone guys ;))
  17. Please tell me, why are you on creative mode? :p
  18. Good point!!