Keep Moving - A Letter from Cory

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  1. So I titled this thread "Keep Moving" because I know in my time of need, that's what the EMC community helped me do. This thread was written for those who bottle up their feelings, who feel like giving up, who go through more than anyone should ever have to.

    I'll start off with my story, which motivated me to write this.

    My life has been a series of people coming in, making me get attached, and leaving. When I was really young I had a best friend, we did everything together, we weren't like brothers we were brothers and it seemed like we could never be separated. We were like that for many years, up until fourth grade when he just ended up leaving me for another group of friends without any explanation. The next similar event happened a few years later when I had finally met someone I felt I connected with like none of my other friends, again we were like this for a while when we started to play a game and he ended up hacking me after I'd spent $100-150 on the account, turns out he was just using me. Again I felt crushed and pretty much gave up on trying to make or keep friends. Around this time I am just turning 13 and I've gotten my very first girlfriend. We dated for about 6 months, and then one day one of her friends told me that my girlfriend was cheating on me, at first I didn't believe it so I asked her and she actually had the nerve to say it to my face. Again, I was devastated and pretty much gave up on being social, the entire time over the years bottling up all of my feelings and never talking to anyone about what I was feeling.

    A few months later, I met Shelby. Someone I never thought I'd be spending almost 4 years of life with. We didn't automatically fall in love though, that was later down the road. She was so caring, she helped pick me up when I was down and no one else really cared. Over the years, I have fallen more and more in love with her and I know now, four years later, that she is the woman that I want to spend the rest of my life with. A while ago, she informed me that she was pregnant, and I was so excited and afraid at the same time. We began spending more and more time together, hours just talking about what it would be like and what name we should pick. But, this all came to a halt when we found at that she had miscarried. We were both so devastated, it felt like my heart had been smashed into a million piece, and a feeling at that moment that I had been shot in the stomach and the bleeding would just never stop. This event threw me back into a huge state of depression for a while.

    That's my story, I left a few things out because they're a bit too vulgar for the EMC forums.

    But here's the thing, I felt like giving up every time something happened or someone left me, and I did sometimes. I failed to realize until years later that all of this just made me stronger as a person and they were just obstacles that I had to get over and I did. That's all life is, mistakes, obstacles, challenges, and decisions. If you decide that you want to get stronger and defeat these obstacles, there will be people there to help you do it, like me, and the rest of the EMC community.

    Don't bottle up your feelings, even after doing it my entire life and knowing it's not a good thing to do, I still do it to this day. The reason I say this is because people could be helping you, that really want to, but you're just pushing things under the rug and pretending everything is okay. Then eventually, you WILL explode and everything you've bottled up will come flying out in all directions. If you are feeling down, I urge you to try to talk to someone.

    Never give up. Never give up on someone you love, never give up on family, and NEVER give up on yourself. If you choose to never give up, and yes it is a choice you have to make, then you will get over any obstacle that life is going to throw at you, one way or another. If you feel like giving up, remind yourself of what you want for your future, or of all the people who love you and want to see you succeed.

    Keep Moving. Never Give Up. Don't Bottle Up Your Feelings. Talk to someone if you're feeling down.
  2. How does a 13 year old cheat on another 13 year old?

    Oh, bruh, the past is the past, especially when you were like 9, 13 even. Now is now. Forget all the bad times. I'm sure there were just as many good ones. You can't use the past as a crutch for your current failures. Your failures are your decision, not the pasts. Don't give up and don't look at pain as a motivator not to. Smile and smell the roses.

    I do sympathize with the miscarriage, that is very very difficult. Impossible to explain to someone who hasn't been through it and impossible for them to understand.
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  3. You tell me, I don't remember the exact details of what she was doing with the other kid, but it was enough to make her friend tell me about it.
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  4. Giggling? I know that would traumatize me into adulthood if I knew my sweetheart at 13 years old some couple of lifetimes ago was giggling with another dude. how dare she, ya know what I'm saying man?
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  5. 13 Year olds are doing a lot worse things these days than they were in yours, my friend. ;)
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  6. you have NO idea what you are talking about :p

    Ex: in my day: pharoah Ramses had 28 wives by 12 years old, let alone 13. 57 kids too.
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  7. I needed this so much right now. Thank you.
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  8. Then why would you be questioning how a 13 would be cheating? :p
  9. Anytime.
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  10. *sigh* I bow out, anyone else care to explain go ahead. I'm not entertaining Jerry Springer at middle school right now. Kickoff is soon :p
  11. Just got blown away from teenager stories. Made my work night
  12. Some people have stronger feelings than others for people.
  13. I see this everyday with people getting upset about things I couldn't care less about... Anyways this was a saddening story... At least overtime things start to get better. Always an up to a down.
  14. That makes you, like, REALLY old.
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  15. That would make me too very old. I should already plan my funeral.
  16. middle school drama man.. its intense
  17. You Sir!

    I am not going to get all emotional over forums, or as you say put some things as they are too dark, however I would like to say this.

    Cory, before your ban we didn't talk all too much, we'd exchange pleasantries and talk a little bit about promos or diamonds or whatever, but it wasn't until you moved to your brothers account that we really got talking. I'd get on and immediately be able to talk to you, from anything from auctions (you know what i mean ;) ) to promos to how the emc community and economy was doing in general. It was nice! and you became (and still are) someone who i enjoy talking to. This isn't going to be too deep as i say, but the community did miss you and i know came together when they heard partially as to what happened.

    HOWEVER! I want to make this clear to all the community of EMC and anyone else who happens to chance on this post otherwise. We as a community are more supportive than you or I or anyone can comprehend. From a simple "hello" to a friendly "how's it going?" to going out and mining or whatever with that person, I like to think we all look out for each other on this server and as a community, something which i think we all deserve a pat on the back for.

    Lastly, Cory I truly am sorry to hear about the miscarriage, but as you say "never give up". I've told you my sentiments over PM and know they've been passed on to Shelby, however I want to say once again publicly. WE got this. You aren't alone, and never will be. :)
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  18. You've been a great friend and someone I'm always excited to talk to since we've met, you and Kat have been so supportive and I couldn't ask for better friends in those times. This might just be Minecraft, but I love you like a brother man :D I know when I have anything on my mind I can always come to you to talk about it, as well as Caden, Kat, Blinky, Kytula, and a lot of other great people I've met over my past 600 days on EMC.

    Empire Minecraft contains something I truly believe no other server or community does, and that's actually being a family. We have our issues sometimes, but we always get through them and we always support each other.
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  19. Best thing I have seen said in months.
  20. Straight back at you man :D
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