JustinGuys Grave...

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  1. After looking round SMP1 I found this in /graveyard

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  2. O.O
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  3. I've seen this ages ago.
  4. Then after going round some with /p if they weren't banned they would be over 430 days!
  5. Did you post a thread about it?
  6. No, but some else had.
  7. Did you notice there is no coffin there?
  8. Lol so he is a ghost then.
  9. Slabs across though...
  10. Break them to see if anything is under them?
  11. Dont have a pickaxe but will try now :3
  12. Someone sense of humor is low here
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  13. Translated:
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  15. People don't generally post threads about Easter Eggs... Ruins the surprise and opportunity for people to stumble across it themselves... Just saying
  16. peep.peep.peep.
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  17. There probably used to be one, but it disappeared somehow and he now roams EMC. The slabs could have been the way they were keeping the coffin closed :eek:.
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  18. Why aren't justinguy play Minecraft anymore?
  19. He has a family to look after and he has a job :) That's why we don't see him online much, but Justin probably doesn't play because it's hard to when you're an admin. Justin might have played before though, designing spawns, shops, ect. on EMC with GKJ/IcecreamCow :) He does do a lot of our updating and code maintanence, behind the scenes with Aikar who might take over Justin's position eventually :)