Justinguy and the mysterious portal.

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*read the story before answering* Should Justinguy come through the portal once again?

Yes 36 vote(s) 94.7%
No 2 vote(s) 5.3%
  1. One dark stormy night deep in the wilderness of EMC, three adventures stumble upon a stronghold........ Within was the most mysterious room that perplexed all three of the adventurers. Instead of a portal to the end there was a nether portal, but it was encased in diamond blocks........ In front of the portal was a wooden sign that read "This portal will summon Justinguy you will see". In a chest near the portal was the a journal of a man that called himself the keeper of the portal. In his journal the keeper spoke of how he had created the portal when EMC had first come into existence so that his friend Justinguy could come and visit with him. But one day the Justin suddenly stopped visiting and for 100 days the keeper waited for his friend to return. He never did........... discouraged, the keeper left the stronghold to search out his friend......
    Not knowing the fate of the keeper the adventures felt obligated to set up their camp in the stronghold and wait, just in case Justin came looking for his dear friend..... And this is where our story reaches present day. The adventures are still at the stronghold, and as our story said they are waiting for JustinGuy to come so they can ask him if his friend had ever found him. Like this and vote if u think Justinguy should appear in the portal.
  2. this will never work NEVER

  3. That's what they said about my idea to make a lava wall around SMP5's wild, and they were right.
    But that has no relevance to this whatsoever, I just wish to tell you to stop ruining our hope :)
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  4. Why dont people read the red text?
  5. Did you see this thread when it was originally posted? Is it information that is outdated?

    If it was about MC 1.2 or something I could understand you getting all butthurt about it. But it's not. How did the comments above hurt anything? Besides, bumping a thread to complain about someone else bumping a thread is a bit ironic don't you think?
  6. XDDDDDD i remember that
  7. I think he's been through the portal. You can't see, because there aren't enough diamond blocks around the portal to refract the light in the proper form. Also, store-bought diamonds don't work. They have to be fresh out of the ground.

    Just saying....that might be the issue.
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  8. Maybe we could replace the glowstone with strobing redstone lamps like a landing strip...
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  9. Sounds like a plan
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  10. ....won't help. About the only other thing that could...is emerald ore. It somehow reacts with the pure light that diamond refracts. And only the stuff right from the ground. Something about the chemical reaction of being physically mined, as opposed to being processed through a shop......
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