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Should i sell my diamonds for 25r?

Could make them higher 20 vote(s) 71.4%
I'm not interested in diamonds 1 vote(s) 3.6%
"The price is right!" 7 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. I have recently found about 217 diamonds (i did the math)

    I have strongly considered selling them for 25r each. I have already made a full set of armor, and tools. I have enchantment tables and i really dont have a use for them. that is why they will be. I am not currently selling them but if i get good responses i will.
  2. For me you can... :D ... but don't diamonds are worth WAY more than 25rp, try something like 45-50r. ;)
  3. If u take them to my trade market on smp2, v 3456. I am buying diamonds at about 49-52r eqch atm. I will happly buy em all.

    U make more off of them and dont have to worry about settin up a shop to do so

    Just use /vault to carry them to smp2
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  4. Diamond Markets like Leowaste's will allow you to sell at the best price for you without the hassle of your own shop. Most servers have some plots with these.

    If you sell your diamonds for 25r, I'm pretty sure that whoever buys them will resell them for 45-55r, so you would be giving away over 5k rupees.
  5. Indeed, the system Leowaste has is awesome. I sold about 200 diamonds so far to him.
  6. But when he owns ALL the diamonds he can charge like 100r for one :p ...
  7. curious, how did you find the diamonds? Leowaste is a great great store, sell to him, if you want an alternative I would always be interested :)
  8. Lots of mining, tons of branching, and a lot of time
  9. But I dont. the more diamonds I have, the cheaper they get ;p
  10. i only buy diamond that range from 35-45 maybe even 50 but no higher
  11. I beg that you do this. This could entirely counter-act azoundria's shop. Let's get diamonds back to 30r! I'm tired of the insane prices. Lets start a revolution.




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  13. Hmmm…
  14. I am so confused, you guys DONT buy cheap diamonds? :confused:
  15. i'll buy them for 25 rupees if you want. my store's set up to buy them at 45 rupees each, but as i'm such a nice guy, i'm willing to buy them from you at a lower price.
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  16. Or, azoundria would just come and buyout the diamonds and you would give him even more profit.

    Anyway, I buy diamonds for 48r each on res 3144 (smp2)
  17. /res pset azoundria move false

    It works WONDERS.
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  18. he has alternate accounts
  19. We would love to buy them at 25R ea. But its practically stealing when you can easily sell them for higher. Definitely check out one of the diamond exchanges, they're awesome.