Just Cause 3 (Spoilers)

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  1. My personal favorite video game is called Just Cause 3, this really cool, addictive ps4 third person action-packed-shooter about a great hero who, after a long time, finally returns to his home in Medici to help the rebels kill an evil dictator. The evil dictator is evil because he commits forced education labor on his citizens and doesn't give them their share after they're done working. For example, he used forced labor to conduct an 8 week construction project on an oil electrical plant. But when the plant was finished, the forced labors did not get any of the electricity (in one level of the game you, as the good guy, are assigned to blow up the plant's generators so the rebels can turn it into a base). Just Cause 3 is my favorite video game because as well as better graphics than fallout 4; the explosions are incredible; there can be massive firefights and cool car chases, as well as cool vehicles and weapons. You can also perform cool stunts. For example, the time when I was chasing after a limousine to hijack it; and I hijacked it by standing on the car I was currently driving while it was propelling forward, grappling onto the limousine, and throwing out the driver. I then had to pick up a bad undercover passenger and somehow kill him; which I did by driving the limousine off the cliff and jumping out at the last second.

    So that's it for this one post, but I will post other experiences from Just Cause 3 and feel free to post yours in the comments below.
  2. Why does 'ps4' belong here? .-.
    He returns home to Medici, which is located somewhere in the Mediterranean - probably closer to Italy than Spain, and most certainly Mexico :p
    Fallout 4 looks pretty dope with ultra settings, even without mods. Anything can beat its console graphics.

    Also award-winning reason for a favourite game right here lol.

    I'm gonna stop being ass now.
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  3. Oh, I didn't know that. I thought it was Mexico because of all the bull-shaped icons and logos as well as names and words like "Del revolution".
  4. The bull-shaped icons are popular among European symbols - particularly among Mediterranean ones (Germanic countries have birds on theirs, etc.), and 'Del Revolution' is from some kind of Latin language (Italian, French *we can safely cross this one out though lol*, and Spanish). Easy to see where you'd draw that conclusions from.
  5. Still haven't finished the campaign, but there was a time where I played it every chance I could. I'll finish it sometime lol.