Just another goodbye thread -_-

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  1. Bye EMC ppl i will stop playing EMC and the only way ill come back is when there is a wild reset.I can wait months years i don't care but the wild has become boring to me( my opinion). I use to play this server alot at first but the desire has died down alot. For now i will play more single player and learn some new things. I will give a way 29k to a lucky person who gives me the best reason why not to leave even though ill still be gone lol. I will give the money away at 6:00pm central time. Good luck and bye :) Sorry for the grammar errors and stuff i know alot of you hate that lol.
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  2. Just because the wild isn't going to be reset? Why don't you go 10 mins out and get some new chunks generated. Goodbye King.
  3. I just did that for 30 minutes lol but than i was like ahhhh im bored i wanted to go to single player and finish my stuff that im doin.
  4. Dude King! NO. You will not be leaving EMC.

    The reason why :
    I thought we were gonna grow to the top, become the richest. Unite in outr epicness and bossiness. Please dont leave, you are the one that showed me the FIRST blaze grinder I have ever seen! I became your friend! I remember when I bought an Eff IV Diamond Pickaxe for like 1.5k.

    I remember when you gave away 100k, and I was being a snob and raging, then i realized I messed up. You are the nicest person I know! I love to see your comments, seeing you In-Game. Having friendly chats, I dont want that to end King. :(

    I hope life guides you in the rightful path in success. Good luck my friend.

    Edit : Thought of some more reasons lol

    Since 1.3 came out, we could go adventuring! Find Emerald Ore! We could have our own shop! Enchantment shop too!

    You will never EVER find another server like us, EMC rules. EMC tries to make it fun instead of other lame servers that if you dont agree with a mod about a movie you get temp banned.
  5. Ill still be in the forums piggy ;)
  6. Well, the only reason I can see for u not leaving would be that we all would miss you!!! And while a wild reset might be a good idea, it would upset many players. They are probably adding another server, like SMP10 or something with a clean wild generated with 1.3. So, If you aren't satisfied with the current EMC servers, then I guess you have every right to leave.

    Please consider staying bro!!!,
  7. Why shouldn't you leave? I have LOTS of reasons!

    1. This whole AWESOME community will miss you.

    2. Singleplayer... Won't you get bored even faster then EMC wild? Because it's just you by yourself :/

    3. I will go on an epic adventure with you if you stay. Make that wild fun again!

    But what about after you finish the stuff, who will you show it to? EMC will let you share your crazy awesome creations with people.

    Also, I will be sad. So don't leave. It's not allowed by decree of Terr.
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  8. hmm another smp might be interesting.
  9. i can still show vids and pics of my creations here :)
  10. Oh and EMC will soon be having a PvP server!
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  11. No! Please Justin, NO! We don't want another smp10. The users are too spread in 5 servers, nevermind all 10 of the current ones.
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  12. Seriously? What's with everyone leaving suddenly? And especially you!?!?!?
    1. You can go in the wild on a different server! Just because you live on one server, it doesn't mean that you can't do anything elsewhere.
    2. If you ever for some reason bored, you can go roam around the forums for a few days. Then when you come back, you will have tons of new thinngs to do!
    3. Minecraft v 1.3.1 just came out for Empire Minecraft. You could roam around to find out what's new.
  13. Don't leave, the lack of a reset will lead to epic adventures to distant lands, to breathtaking mountains, the exploration of dangerous yet wondrous temples. All the things you wish to learn on SPS can be learnt and shown on EMC. Just give EMC one last chance by going on a trip to the unknown regions of the wild, one final shot. Please, don't leave.
    -DaJaKoe OKA Dragonorb18.
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  14. The reason not to leave? Its simple, Us:) This is quite the unique community to play with:)
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  15. Not true. SMP 1-3 have a lot of players. Just no other server.
  16. No, smp1 has alot of players, smp2 doesn't get many newbies, and smp3 (trust me it's my home server) has had a player boost but it's usually very quite with only 5-7 players online at a time.

    Maybe add another server when ALL of the residences on each server are taken?
  17. we need a new utopia
  18. Or cap the residence number lower so they have to move.
  19. People who have begged for the Wild Reset obiviously have never heard about the LLO and PPO. Not to mention all the other outposts and grinders in the Wild.
    You shouldn't leave man. You haven't even been here that long, (not saying I've been here longer, I've only been here longer than you by a day) if I see someone like "AusQB" (Don't worry Aus isn't ACTUALLY leaving..) make a thread about leaving, (again, HIGHLY doubtful) then I will be like, farewell, Aus, thanks for supporting the EMC community and sticking to it from the start and help shape the community to what it is.
    So don't leave. Also Justin is going to be adding TONS of new features to EMC soon, including the EMC PvP Project. :) If you are leaving, good luck.
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  20. ive been to the llo and i have many grinders out there but im just bored.
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