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  1. Ok, so i FINALLY got on the server, but it says there are no more lots available to build in, in town. When will more be made available? Thanks :).
  2. Tonight, 7pm EST on new server. Watch the homepage for updates as to the status. :)
  3. Yes! Fantastic! Thank you guys.
  4. Oh and all these blocks I mined in the other server that are with me in my inventory, will these come with me too? Or will I have to use this ''vault'' thing?
  5. Awww, is it hard and confusing to use because I'm a little simple?
  6. I wouldn't imagine it being hard to use.
  7. OK, all good, thanks. And the address will be released on the page later?
  8. It will be a simple command for you to use that will bring up the same situation that would happen if you went into one of your chests. :)

    And yes, the address will be put up later on with a lot more details on how the new stuff will work. :)
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  9. Correct, But I believe it'll be smp2.EmpireMinecraft.com so you may as well add it now and be ready.
  10. The Vault will not be hard to use. I am writing updates to the guide right now and I will have a nice section on it :)
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  11. Great thanks guys! Looks like another late night for me then, i got slightly carried away last night too :3.
  12. One problem I see with the vault is if you accidentally exit it. Maybe you could put a timer on it so that you can get back into it without it dissappearing?
  13. If you accidentally exit it then you spend another 10 rupees, just like if you accidentally click on the wrong sign :)
  14. Seen as you are here. I seem to take ages to login to the server, would you happen to know why? and sometimes it doesnt connect and says end of connection?