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  1. When you first posted you where setting up the new server Justin, you said you would increase the player cap after 24 hours. If I am correct, it has been 5 days since then. I know that you are busy with some big things for the server, but I was wondering if you had an estimate of when you might be upping the player cap?
  2. Justin can probably answer this question better than I can, but I'll tell you how I understand it.

    It seems the lag decrease from upgrading to a better server computer was not significant enough to warrant an increase in the player cap. This means that if the cap was raised, the lag would make the game unplayable... even with the new, better, server.

    This seems to be because of the way Minecraft Server software was designed at its core. It wasn't meant to be able to handle so much activity all at once. So the server capacity seems to have little impact on how the game performs after a certain point.

    I also know that Justin is working on another solution... one that is sure to allow us to raise the cap on how many players can join at one time.

  3. Yes I am sorry, I believed we were going to increase the player cap when we moved to the new server. Shortly after moving I realized that this could not happen without causing server lag and slowness. The biggest reason why is our Town residence system is now keeping track of 1,500 residences.

    With that being said I did go back to the drawing board, and I am currently working on a broader solution that will allow us to continually add more and more residences and player slots. Please see this thread: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/empire-is-full-again.558/ for the discussion on it. Thanks for you patience :)
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