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  1. So I can't find this anywhere on the website. When you finish the tutorial/beginners trial thing you are awarded with 5 saplings among many other things. I wanted to know if i can plant the trees on my res and chop them for wood or is it mandatory to go into the wilderness?
  2. You can put them on your res and harvest the wood when they are grown. You don't have to be in the wild :)
  3. Yes nab27 is right you can grow trees on your residence in town
  4. If you don't want to, you never have to go into the wilderness. The only resource you initially have on your res is dirt, though. Also, if you aren't planning on going wild, use your rupees wisely. Read through some of the great stickies in the various parts of the forum and you will find some excellent advice and ideas.
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  5. Wow thank you =D nice community btw!
  6. No problem and welcome. I didn't discover the forum (or actually did know about it but didn't read anything) until I'd been here for a few weeks. Since I was (still am really) a Minecraft newbie (only been playing for a couple months), I didn't know anything when I joined the Empire and lost everything several times before I started developing some tricks to staying alive in the wild. It's not that bad out there once you get away from the griefed reset areas.
  7. Well i think It is better to hang out in the wilderness then in town... Because you can go with you friends survive (what minecraft is really about), build a town, and just have fun mining a killing mobs and especially finding diamonds and iron and coal and a tip to hide your house on minimap: put dirt and sapling on top of the house you made and use bonemeal and it blends in with the forest (if you like living in forests) and in a desrt make your roof out of sand hope this helped for the people that get griefed!