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  1. What would everyone think of the daily sign in bonuses going away and replaced with Empire Jobs so you actually have to earn money instead of waiting for it?
  2. Why don't you just try to sell stuff to shops?
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  3. Ehhh... Would take away value of a supporter. It is better if the community delegated jobs not EMC itself.
  4. Solving that would be easy.
    Normal member: 1x the reward.
    Iron member: 2x the reward.
    Gold member: 4x the reward.
    Diamond member: 8x the reward.
  5. Supporter perk is that you auto collect your daily bonus.
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  6. That's not the point of having a job though. It just doesn't feel very accomplishing to sit around and wait for money to fly into my pocket. On a side note I gotta go to work.
  7. You don't get heaps of it only 100r and in todays market enough for 2 diamonds. People on EMC depend on shops and odd jobs not daily bonus.
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  8. First week you get sign in bonuses?
  9. No. People would beg for rupees even MORE than they already do. I mean, we already have the sign-in bonuses, which are easy enough, and I still get people coming to my res and begging me to give me their money because "i am poor plox adn i wnat to strat a shpo plox i knead monie"
  10. What work would be done? Mining at the community salt mine? Then how would you make sure that people did their job in order to receive pay? So much work! So much bother! Not worth it.

    If you don't like earning rupees for free feel free to give them away.
    There may be people on your server hiring to do work on their residences, and you can earn money that way.
  11. You remember my idea from that one thread don't you?
    It's not as hard as you think. It could be something like; I'm going to use miner as an example for jobs. In order to get a job you would type something like [/jobs miner info] and it gives you five jobs in that field with a set difficulty for each like, get 320 for 720 Rupees or 14 obsidian which I would say is fairly easy on a scale of very easy to very hard. In order to actually take the job you would type [/jobs miner 1] then you obtain whatever it asked through any means then you type [/jobs miner 1 complete] and then it will ask which award you want to which you would type [/jobs reward 2] for the obsidian. Like I said before iron supporters would get 2x the reward, gold 4x, and diamond 8x. Non renewable resources would never be in a job listing and you would be able to obtain non renewable resources with this system thus slowing their depletion in the wild down. This would finally give the Empire store some use and you wouldn't really have to leave town unless you took a slayer job. I'm no coder, but I've seen plugins like this before.
  12. The daily bonus doesn't prevent people from doing jobs to earn more money. The system works well.
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  13. If you want it to replace the sign in bonus. It should give the same amount as it.
  14. True, this system wouldn't really make sign in bonus's go away it would just make them useless.
  15. Just a blueprint, but true.
  16. Before we go any further maybe it shouldn't replace the sign in bonuses.
  17. Oh I misunderstood your idea. I assumed you were just talking about players offering jobs to other players, as it is currently.

    I suppose this could provide some motivation to go out to the wilderness during slow hours.
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  18. But then more people would begin to move further from spawn. And that means only one thing. Your awesome creation that you made 1000 blocks from spawn would be in the griefer danger zone.
  19. That's the whole point of the wild. If you build it out there it's your responsibility and if someone griefs it take a screenshot of them doing so and report them.
  20. You want rupees? Go out mining and gather resources, mob grinders and sell enchantments. Like being close to home? Go cut heaps of trees and sell in bulk, breed animals and sell eggs, collect wool or grow crops. Or maybe you're an architect, build people's homes. Cause if you are good they pay big cash! You can also ask for jobs, many need projects done for them. I think there are many ways to make rupees on this server so dont sit and beg!
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