Just a few things im wondering ^^

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  1. So a few weeks back I noticed you can still acquire Avalaunchers by typing /Tbuy but recently I got reminded about this, its April and Christmas was 4 months ago so I just wanted to know why people can still buy them?
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  2. Don't bring that up :( im waiting for enough tokens to buy one
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  3. Thank you for telling me about this (didnt have my computer during december ;))
  4. This is why the avaluancher value has only gone down. I'm almost certain staff are aware of it.
  5. I am saving up for one. Over half way to 10k :D
  6. ive been told but havent gotten around to disabling since im in middle of 1.9 update
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  7. 2 much efort 2 remov, pliz send code 4 help