Jurassic World?

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  1. Anyone going to see the new jurassic world movie? I havent been able to cause of work but theres 1 reason im going:

  2. Imagine doing all of these in a row, the Pratt Dance
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  3. I went and saw it, all I can say is :D
  4. I plan on watching it. This looks like the greatest Jurassic movie ever made.
  5. SPOILERS: There is dinosaurs.

    Watched it tonight, it was very good.
  6. Chris Pratt is life.
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  7. When I get a good grade in class.
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  8. Now that I know what happens in the movie, I now have one thing left to do....
    Become Sir Llama II.
  9. Im gonna see it ASAP. Hopefully Wednesday night... *crosses fingers*
  10. Going to see it tomorrow :)
  11. /report aikar excuse me you are supposed to not spoil.how dare you. Howwwwwwwwwwww dare you.
  12. Just got back from seeing it. It was awesome! The end looked like they were setting it up for another movie...
  13. chris pratt signed on for a 2nd one
  14. I cant wait to see this, been busy so i havent had the chance.
  15. I went and saw it with Luckygreenbird on Friday, it repeated a bit but was definitely the best of the sequels, I would give it an 8/10, it did leave some plot holes though, but overall great effects, visuals and acting, I hope you find it to be as good as I found it.
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  16. I plan on watching it once it is out of theatres. *Yey amazon prime*
  17. I'm intrigued as to what you found the repetition and plot holes are, I suppose to avoid from spoiling it for others that we should discuss this in PM?
  18. Anyone else think of this?
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  19. Good luck getting Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to knight you c:

    Seen it yesterday - I'm glad I did. It was gr8 and brought back a ton of childhood memories.

    I also think Bryce Dallas Howard is fit - which is good, since she has a lot of screen time :rolleyes: